Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On V-Day, what is the greatest gift that tops everything else?

The greatest gift that tops all other gifts is parenthood. Loving someone so much, you decide to have a child with that person. Absolutely, there is no greater gift than becoming a father or a mother.

The only greater gift I can think of is a free admission to heaven for eternity. However, admission to heaven is really not a gift. We all have to earn our admission to heaven and therefore, there are no free admission tickets to heaven to give away as a gift on V-Day.

Being, or better stated, becoming a parent on V-Day is a wonderful gift to give to the one you love the most. Having progeny that will carry on your legacy, generation after generation, whether one is a man or woman. Parenthood for most, is absolutely the best gift of all.

In regard to getting admission to heaven, one has to lobby Jesus since he controls who gets in; and who goes straight to hell; or in the alternative, who has to stay stuck in Purgatory for a while.

So to those with GPS systems in their autos, input purgatory for what may be your, but not my final destination. And remember purgatory is real close to Estero Florida. But even I am not certain exactly where purgatory is because I am lacking sufficient knowledge on how to use my GPS device.

The only thing I am certain of, is how to get to heaven. Lots of steps in the stairway to heaven by doing good works for humanity. Climb one step at a time; and for some of us blockheads out here, there are certainly a lot of steps to climb.

And sooner or later, you will find yourself at the top of the stairway to heaven facing Jesus at the Pearly Gates. And hopefully, Jesus gives you admission to eternity in a place called heaven. At least in heaven, there is central air conditioning. Unlike hell.

I am pretty certain I do not want to go to hell. I like central air and parenthood. I am therefore a very fortunate person this V-Day because I am loved; I am a father too; and finally, I get to give love to another human being, who in turn gives loves back. Plus, my condo has central air, just like heaven.

Happy V-Day to those that understand love of each other; as well as love of all humanity typically guarentees one gets one admission ticket to heaven for eternity.

Conversely . . . to the ones that get sent to hell. No one really wants to spend eternity in hell for good reason-because hell does not have central air conditioning. Hence, the saying "people in hell want ice water" for good reason-there is no central air conditioning in hell and that is why it is so hot there. Plus, in hell, there is no ice either.

Believe me, no one wants to go to hell; with the sole exception of attorneys and yahoo politicians. Both of these two deserve going to hell. Jesus has made reservations in hell for both of these two special types.

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