Friday, February 24, 2012

A List Because A Lot Is Going on this week.

There is so much going on this week, I am just going to do a a quick highlight summary.

First, I find it a tad bit ironic all the state attorney generals have reached a settlement agreement with most of the major banks over this robo-signing fiasco. The reason I find this ironic is because I wonder why all the various state attorney generals did not do squat while their respective judicial systems were denying homeowners their rights to procedural and due process in regard to protect homeowners in regard to foreclosures.

In plain language, the state attorney generals of all of these states were complicit in this process and each of the several states should be sued by all the homeowners that were denied their rights in their respective states, before losing their homes. So, to this group of individuals, I highly suggest not taking that chump change offer of around 2000 for having had your home taken away by both the state and these really rotten bankers.

So to summarize this first issue, politically, all those in power are trying to put this horrible failure of our various governments to do anything to these criminal bankers, but try to appease us with some chump change. I think this real estate fiasco including the collapse of the real estate market is going to be one of the worst failures of our nation for decades.

The second thing that seems relevant today, is addressing CNN Comedy Channel droning on about Obama apologizing because a couple of the Muslim Korans got destroyed.
I want to go on the record and do not think our President Hoover Obama should have apologized for this.

If some foreign nation burned the Bible, are we going to declare war? Come on-its a replacable book. Sure, the Muslims consider it sacred. BFD. We Christians consider the Bible sacred. If you burn it, we will merely buy another one. To end my rant on how stupid this issue is such a non sequitor, and only CNN and their liberal socialist agenda must clearly be lacking any news worth covering.

Third, I want to do some bitching about how difficult it is deciding a position one has to take in deciding political issues. Take this horrible situation in Syria coupled with our United States founding fathers position on not infringing on the sovereignity of another nation. Because we do not want another nation infringing on our sovereignity. So, this situation in Syria is a difficult issue for us Americans, and a horrible situation for those that are dying, and risking their lives in Syria.

Typically a national government does not give a rat's ass about other nation's horrible events, unless there is some kind of major benefit to be obtained. Now the American people themselves, do more than our national government because in America, we are very good at being humanitarians.

So, wanting to be an elected representative of the people of this nation, I am supposed to listen to what the voters want,prior to making any major commitment on what level our national government's involvement should be in a horrific foreign nation's internal affairs. In politics, there is an sole exception of an imminent emergery requiring immediate action.

Sometimes, our elected officials must guess or estimate what an elected official should do internationally, with due consideration to our United States Constitution.

In brief, what should our national government do, along humanitarian grounds in Syria?. Well, that is the function of our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's job-not my job as a mere candidate for United States Congress. So Hillary, what should our nation and the people of the United States be doing right now, in Syria?

Further without regard to our national government, what should we Americans do as members of the human race, with our fellow humans in Syria, without waiting for political yahoos to do an analysis? Personally, I have no idea.

Seems we should be helping to do something and all we need is some leader to step forward giving the rest of us some guidance. Maybe this is a good time to listen to our spirtual advisors and ask Jesus what he thinks we should be doing. Naturally, the longer we take to make a decison, the more very real people will die in Syria.

Fourth, all these rumors about Rubio being high on the GOP list for VP. Now I pesonally think Rubio would be making a big political mistake to run for GOP VP, especially considering the GOP presidential candidates low probability today, of beating Hoover Obama in November 2012. It may be too early for Rubio to make any kind of commitment to run as VP. I think he should hedge and wait until 2016 election, rather than team up with Romney.

Finally, I wonder why I keep CNN turned on. It is Friday. TGIF. I am outta here. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. And to make things even worse, my delete button on my keyboard is not working so I cannot edit this post. But hey, at least I am not in Syria. May God help them until the rest of us figure out what to do.

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