Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greece is a vison of what is going to happen here-Civil Unrest, Riots ending in a Major Revolution

What is happening in Greece, and Europe for that matter is what is coming to our nation, in the very near future. Economic austerity. Along with that, will a huge political battle based on power on what shape that necessary austerity will take place.

Naturally because the rich corporations are now in charge in this country, thanks to the United States Supreme Court, if you are not an elite, economic austerity naturally means, you will be the one that gets screwed. Stand by to bend over.

The rich are narrowly focused on becoming richer. These people have infected the political agenda with their chosen ones. And it is going to get a lot worse. To those of us that are not one of them, get out your stuff for major protests and civil unrest that is sure to follow. Just like what is happening in Greece.

Sooner or later, after the protests and civil unrest fail to change much of anything, stand by for the next progression. Revolution. It is blowing in the breeze right here in America. I can smell it in the wind.

God, help us. We certainly need some divine guidance at this juncture.

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