Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rocket Docket and my application to the United States Supreme Court was granted

Feb. 6, 2012, my application to the United States Supreme Court was granted by Justice Thomas giving me until March 26 to file a writ of certiorari. Good.

The writ is going to have several respondents named including Eric Holder Jr. for him being a horrible United States Attorney General, including his mishandling of the United States Department of Injustice.

The same DOJ that wants to attack any person that opposes the Obama "we like unlawful immigrants" kind of political agenda. Like the attacks on sheriff Joe Arapiro in AZ and the Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, author of the Arizona law.

Like most of us Americans, we all hold strongly to the belief that when our federal government agenda includes not dealing with unlawful immigrants, then under concurrent jurisdiction, each state has the right to do something about unlawful immigration. A position I concur with.

When any branch of the federal government fails to do its duty, then each state has an obligation to its citizens to do what the federal government refuses to do. Hence, why I also believe the several states have the right and concurrent jurisdiction to address what the federal government refuses to do.

And in relation to my writ, the US DOJ is also failing to do its job, as are many of our federal agencies. Probably because our President is not acting like a President-instead of managing our federal agencies, Obama is more concerned about getting re-elected and therefore has abdicated his duty to run these federal agencies.

Not only does each state government have a right and duty to uphold our federal and state laws, it is the duty of each citizen of this country to replace that branch of the federal government that fails to do what is required by the United States Constitution.

As another respondent, will be the state of Florida for it's broad-based abandonment of due process of law for starters. This is related to the judicial system in Florida allowing banks to steal individual homes from many people here in Florida without due process of law. Including robo-signature fiasco scheme used by the banks.

Now I do not directly hold the Florida Judicial System totally accountable for things like the "rocket docket" here in Lee County, Fl. I also hold the FL legislature accountable for not adequately funding the judicial branch of government here in Florida to ensure individuals do in fact, return to getting their due process of law back.

In Kansas, where I migrated from in 2009, we had a similar problem where the state yahoo politicians did not want to fund public education adequately. A sole state district judge ordered the Kansas legislature to fully fund public education in excess of a billion dollars.

Here in Florida, the state has failed to fully fund the judicial branch of the government adequately. Hence, the Florida court system is so underfunded, the judicial system just rams cases through the court system depriving individuals like myself of due process (both substantive and procedural) in an inadequately funded court system. So, some yahoo needs to get the Florida legislature to adequately fund the judicial system here in Florida.

Hence, why an attorney at the national ACLU in NYC asked me to take on the rocket docket of the 20th Judicial Circuit. So, I did. Game is on-next show-United States Supreme Court, around March 26.

The word.

Thomas E. Scherer, candidate, United States Congress.

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