Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My personal goals for 2011 that most of you could care less about

Ok.  I am pretty certain my second most important goal in 2011 is going to be expanding my civil rights work to the international scene.  Running for United States Congress, international relations seemed to be an interesting topic for me to study and try to understand better.

And like most ignorant and uneducated Americans on international issues, having been forced to endure our domestic educational system that unduly spends way too much time focused on European culture, typically leaves most of Americans pretty ignorant related to cultures around the entire world. 

For example, many of us Americans know very little about our neighors to the north and south of the United States. Why?  Was ignorance by our public educational systems done on purpose?  Rhetorically, why all this focus on European culture. 

Why are most of us educated in America so naive about other nations?  I just wonder.  Was this done intentionally?   No wonder when we travel abroad as I  intend to do more ofiten going forward, will I be one of those arrogant and uninformed Americans?  Will I wear blinders to the rest of the world's culture and advancements that are not related to Europe? 

Or instead, will I view the international community looking for what they do better than what we do in America?  I hope I am able to see what other nations are doing better than we are.  I look forward to cultural enlightenment as I engage people from foreign nations in the cosmopolitain areas of Florida where I now reside. 

To me, I find other cultures from other nations interesting. Hence, which explains why one of the graduate classes I was going  to take at Harvard was anthropology.  The other class I was scheduled to take in 2006 was advanced science fiction.

So, two of my primary goals for 2011 is to further my understanding related to the cultures of people worldwide.  So, this continues my education into international affairs, foreign countries and their respective cultures.  At my age, I wonder why here in America, there is this undue focus on Europe, in complete oblivion to the rest of the world.  I intend to spend some time in 2011 touring areas outside of the United States in 2011.  Travel-a good thing for a person that wants to continue their understanding of the interelationships with the cultures of many nations. 

The second goal is a two-parter.  One, stop wasting so much time on Facebook.  As well as stop wasting so much time blogging here.  My page count in print of what I have blogged here is over 5000 pages. I could have used all that blog time to write several books.  So, stop Facebooking and stop blogging so much, I am finally able to finish writing my novel started in 2004, titled Changing Asylums, seems like a rational and a logical goal for 2011. 

I am tired of telling myself to stay focused on writing this stupid novel and finishing that stupid book that focuses on sci-fi novel incorporating the best I can understand related to politics, philosophy, religion, mysticism, culture and the impact of technology on all of us going forward; as well as my own unique perceptions of what is important to further the public interest. 

In ending, I understand most of my readers could care less about my goals.  But I am pretty certain politically, I am dead.   I doubt at this juncture I am going to run for United States Congress in 2012.  I might.  But a lot would have to happen to make this a goal for 2011 and 2012. 

I will continue to stay connnected and do some advocacy work in Florida.  I will continue to do what I can for the migrant farm workers in Immokalee, Florida related to improving their deplorable living conditions; as well as do what I can to stop human trafficking in southern Florida. 

After I finish this tax appeal case for Kansans, Kansas can kiss my ass.  I have spent enough time and money advocating for Kansans.  That is going to end in 2011.  Hopefully, someone else steps forward and fills my shoes in Kansas.  A very backwards and overly conservative state I am glad I no longer reside in. 

I will find with the passage of time, a lot of the problems with bureaucracy in Florida, similar to Kansas.  And that is why I am going to start spending more of my time moving around the planet earth as I expand some of my productive work efforts to the international level.  Why not is the imperative question I find myself facing.

On a personal level, it seems important as I get older to get connected.  That should be my most important or No. 1 goal for 2011. 

I am really tired of being single for the last two decades.  It is time for me to get connected and finally make a commitment to another person.  So what could be a more important goal that choosing another human being I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

That really should be my No. 1 goal in 2011.  And so I think that is what I will do in 2011.  Make a commitment to another human being.  The more important question is, why not?


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