Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ben "what me worry" Bernake and the Fed Reserve screw we, the people some more!

Well, once again, the Federal Reserve has its head buried in the sand screwing us, we the people again today by leaving interest rates artificially as low they can go casting aside and throwing out the long held tradition of a free market economy. 

Bernake  is not fooling anyone by his thin plan to keep interest rates artifically low solely for the purposes of keeping payments on the federal debt as low as possible.  Government anf big  corporations win again; while the nation, our economic prosperity and we the people lose again.

Raise the freaking interest rates so we can have an economic recovery, banks and corporation stop hoarding funds and issuing cheap bonds yielding less than one per cent. 

As we have stated here on this blog, there will be no economic recovery by this assine theories guiding the Federal Reserve, the fourth and unlawful branch of the government. 

Fire the Federal Reserve.  They are the problem with their micromanaging the US economy causing all these huge economic swings we have had to endure and keep having to tolerate their "silly theories" for far too long.

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