Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Wise Men spotted neared the Leavenworth Bridge

I spotted three wise men assisting a stranded motorist near the Leavenworth Bridge as I was returning to my birthplace, Atchison Kansas to spend\some of the holiday season with both my mother and brother.  Although my first choice would have to been to stay in sunny Florida and spend more time with my significant other. 

Regardless, these three wise men were pushing a stranded Ford F-150 motorist because obviously he had ran out of gas on MO Hwy 45 right after passing over the Missouri River bridge into the dreaded state of Missouri, enemy terrority to us Kansans. Now, thise three wise men kindness and acts of assisting another meant something personal to me. 

I watched from the stop sign on the exit ramp coming off I-635.  Why would these three men get out of their vehicles in the middle of a harsh and cold day on a Monday in a  harsh December winter merely to be assistive and help push this stranded Ford truck and its driver about a quarter of mile to a nearby gas station?

 Now what kind of people do things like this? 

And why do we so often see others helping others during the holiday season?  Beats me.  X-mas makes all of us all try our best to think of others. Instead of merely ourselves.

These three fellows clearly must have been the three wise men.  They must have been lost because there was no stable with Jesus anywhere nearby.   And all of Kansans know that even Jesus would not want to be born in some stable anywhere near the state of Missouri. 

Regardless, I am digressing in trash-talking about Missouri.  I must stay focused here on the topic. 

Why were these three men wise?

Because they have learned deep inside, that even in the horrible state of Missouri, the key to their heart and soul is helping others; instead of only focusing on their own self-interest.  To unselfishly give of their minds, hearts and bodies.  And their reward? 

Well, there are several.  Serenity, happiness, compassion and love for their fellow citizens of the planet earth.  Each time, one of us unselfishly helps another, we merely are climbing one more step closer to heaven.  For me personally, it sure seems this stairway to heaven is one long staircase. 

Regardless, I hope someday all of can proclaim someday to understand the ideas and wisdom related to being a good human, Christian or otherwise--to be as wise as these three individuals were. 

I am absolutely certain my own personal happiness depends on what I do and care about others. Maybe someday I will even like people from Missouri.  But that is going to take a few more decades.  Regardless of people from Missouri being irriating to me, I am still able to smile a lot more often as I age.  And not just during the holidays either. 

In retrospect, seeing their unselfish act, I found myself needing to follow these individuals clear to the gas station.  So in turn, I could do my part and repay them for their kindness to another.  So, I gave them a ride back to their respective vehicles and assured them they would certainly be blessed over the holidays.

I in turn was also blessed with an opportunity, just as hey were given.  And that folks, makes those of us that can see clearly, opportunities wherever we are, to help others is really helping ourselves be worth our time here on the planet earth.. 

Have a great holiday season.  That is my story related to seeing the three wise men near the Leavenworth Bridge. 

Peace. For now.  Even to the people of Missouri. 

But only until KU beats the crap out of MU again in basketball. 

Signing out. 


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