Friday, December 10, 2010

Warning: Be wary of Tax Reform Suggestions Coming Out of DC

Whenever yahoo politicans start having problems funding their pork barrel legislation or need a new scheme to get more of the middle class tax dollars, they start talking about major reforms to the tax code.  Naturally, when this happens, who gets screwed the most?

Middle Class America and the Poor.  Since these political yahoos in DC want to keep the campaign coffers full from the rich contributors, most discussion related to tax reform to date has been regressive tax reform proposals.  Instead of progressive tax reform.  So be wary of idiotic ideas coming out of Washington related to tax reform schemes like the Flat, Fair or Consumption Tax.

The entire funding of the federal government continues to impose regressive consumption taxes on the public impacting the middle and lower classes, in quite a subtle manner.  Like most governments that insist they get bigger, the yahoo politicans keep having to get more creative in coming up with tax schemes.

We witnessed this with both the Bush and Obama administration.  These two yahoos are both spendaholics racking up these huge and historic federal deficits pushing our nation closer to federal bankruptcy.  And due to these huge deficits, and all the interest payments on these deficits merely explains why the yahoo politicans have to get more and more creative in conning we the people to making major tax reform modifications.

 Since Obama could not get Congress to pass some of  his zany and insane tax proposals like the carbon tax, the Federal Reserve Bank has been forced to do two things:

1. Infuse huge amounts of cash into the market, and
2. Keep interest rates articifically low to reduce the interest on the federal debt, which keeps growing and   growing due to a lack of fiscal monetary restraint.

And with artificially low interest rates, banks are going to hoard cash, there will be no loans made to most consumers by lending institutions, no job job growth and the opposite of economic prosperity.  When the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, then an economic recovery will ensue, the unemployment numbers will drop and we as a nation can focus on rebuilding our national infrastructure leading to our future prosperity.

 Now when are all these great predictions going to happen?

Hopefully, after the 2012 Presidential Election when we can finally get a true fiscal conservative elected as POTUS and get rid of few more of these current political yahoos, both Congressman and Senators that created this huge economic mess we are still having to deal with. 

The reality is the yahoos in DC are getting to stick to the middle class and the poor with regressive and consumption taxes some more until we get rid of many of these incumbents and Presidents that are spendaholics.  As well, the old style yahoos in DC that  created this mess, will also try their best to  eliminate most of the major and lawful deductions most of middle class America have come to rely on. 

Now I agree to the following:

a) We need to reduce federal spending, and
b) We need a progressive tax reform, not a regressive modification to our federal tax system, and
c) The Yahoo Politicans in DC will fight for regressive tax modifications to the United States Tax Code.

Therefore, this leads to the conclusion we the people are going to get screwed some more if the DC yahoos try to make major reforms to our federal tax code.

What we the people should be demanding is the elimination of prior and any new consumption taxes because they are regressive impacting the middle and lower class.  I cannot support any tax reform that is regressive causing the middle class and the poor to pay even more in federal, state, county and local governments that show no inclination or desire to restrain their own spending. 

Government was once for and by the people. Instead, we have government for the government at all levels, trying to maintain and increase its control over we the people.

So be reflective and understand all these governments are intent upon getting more of your money by trickery and creatively inventing every tax scheme they can to maintain big brother.

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