Monday, December 6, 2010

Lame Duck Yahoo Politicans Wheeling and Dealing in DC-Political Nonsense Continues

We elected a whole batch of new candidates in a huge shellacking in November elections.  I will be glad when some of these newly elected honestly come out of the closet by making some comments about this political posturing related to extending the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for more federal employment benefits.

First, I have a huge problem with state sovereignity based on the 10th Amend. to the United States Constitution. Funding employment insurance is not a function of the federal government at all.  Or, if it is, give me your legal argument on why the federal government should be involved in funding those that are unemployed benefits using your and my tax dollars. 

Second, when did it shift from the state to the federal government, this funding of those who are unemployed. 

Finally, this joke Debt Reduction Commission is merely democratic political posturing having no power to make the United States Congress fiscally responsible.

We the people are the real Debt Reduction Commission.  And if those that are newly elected merely blend in with the corrpution of DC, we will ensure they are reduced right out of office come the 2012 election cycle.

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