Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wiki Leaks: Showdown at the OK Corral

Wiki Leaks and Julian.  What can we all say about this drama?  How about some predictions?

In this  big  shootout at OK Corral, which is kind of where this is heading, Julian is kind of screwed. Kind of like Paul Neuman in Cool Hand Luke.  "What we have here is a failure to communicate."  Except in this situation, there is plenty of communication. Heck, this is better than the shootout at OK Corral.

What we have here is just simply a failure of our Secretary of State which Julian keeps reminding everyone. Naturally, the failure is Hillary Clinton's fault.

But Julian is not the only one screwed here.  There are some big corporations and many governments that are screwed also in this check and checkmate scenario.  So, Julian will probably never get out of jail and will somehow be mysteriously killed. Which will  propel this Julian guy to historic proportion. The poison pill message will be released and governments  and corporations will be forced to deal with the collateral damage caused by the cyber retalliation attack.

And naturally, there will be movies made.  Lots of t-shirts.  And copy-cat people doing the same thing.  Requiring governments to straighten up what they publish in diplomatic cables.  Julian has kicked their ass. Now it is the government's turn. 

And the rest of us will never forget this high stakes drama.  Hillary will be fired.  Lots of people in the government will be fired.  And our national security will be a lot better thanks to Wiki Leaks and Julian.

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