Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally Filed That Appellate Brief on Behalf Of Kansas Homeowners

Ok, appellate brief is appearing soon at the Kansas Court of Appeals.  I mailed the brief and appendix by FEDEX this afternoon.

Briefly, I am challenging a real piece of garbage legislation called Substitute for HB 2018 that took away a homeowner's right to challege arbitrary, or frankly better stated, zany and insane county real estate appraisals. 

Now us tea party-like patriots, clearly understand that are way too many  kinds of governments including their beloved zany state and federal agencies.  There is good reason why so many of us are demanding less government reliance and less government agencies.  There are too many of them.  From the federal clear to the local municipal level.  Way too many. 

Seems to me the only expected growth in employment under the schemes of the progressive socialist yahoo politicans to to expect in 2011 is government jobs. Especially if Obama and the Progressive Socialists had their way with your tax dollars.  So my goal here is clear. 

I am going to fight for the Constitutional rights, both federal and state to limit this ever-expanding progressive government movement back to some sort of Constitutional priniciples as envisioned by our founding fathers at both the federal and state level of a very limited and specifically enumerated governing body, regardless of what level.

 In plain and simple terms, more government is the enemy of a free or fair market economy.  You cannot pull our nation out of recession by expanding governments at all levels by progressive socialism.  I have discussed this topic on this blog repeatedly. 

Reverting back to the vision of our founding fathers on a limited and narrow government, as being advocated by many of us, including recently Michelle Bachman is what we need in America to recover from all this nonsense caused by progressive socialism.  Progressive socialism sounds great in ideology but works out to be an insane economic, political and fiscal theory applied to reality.  And we are so far past that reality in the United States and in Kansas, we are now way past the Twilight Zone. 

Much of this progressive socialism has to be blamed on the current and past yahoo politicans too cowardly to raise necessary taxes to balance government budgets.  Does progressive socialist ideas get one re-elected?  Apparently so.  Worked for Obama and the rest of these political yahoos to the point of creating this huge recession with only one vision in sight.  Government bankruptcy.  Federal, state, county and local.

 Much of it caused by an undue reliance on residential real estate taxes. Specifically, mine and yours.  So the yahoo politicans in Kansas, instead of raising taxes at the state level, left it up to the counties to raise your real estate taxes, so the state legislative political yahoos could say, "hey, kept my promise-did not raise your income taxes at all, so re-elect me".  And people in their own self-interest keep getting suckered by the fantasy spin of these progressive social yahoo politicans. 

When the real estate collapse hit, well . . . that also causes the undue reliance by the yahoo politicans progressive socialist theories to collapse due to decling tax revenues from bogus real estate tax appraisals.  So briefly, welcome to America, Kansas and the dismal state of affairs we find ourselves in 2011.  So, I continue to do my part by filing this appellate brief on behalf of Kansas homeowers. 

Why?  Beats me.  Nothing else to do in sunny and this hot 75 degree weather here in sunny Florida.  It is simply too hot to go outside.  And now it is up the Kansas Court of Appeals for the moment to do their duty and restore Kansas homeowners their inviolate right to challenge bogus tax schemes employed by the various counties of Kansas governments to get more of your money, restored back to the local state  district court where they reside; prior to this garbage called Substitute for House Bill 2018.

Later from Florida.


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