Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yecck-Once again, making plans for the upcoming year!

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, many of us will make those next year plans shortly before the ball drops to ring in 2011.  Yecch. 

It is that time when we collectively and individually decide why next year, starting in a few days, we all suddenly will finally become better human beings than we were this year. 

However, I am and remain a contrarian.  I did a lot of really cool things for many people in 2010.  So, before I start focusing on my future, it seems like a better idea to focus on what I tried to accomplish, or did accomplish, in 2010.

Naturally, I spent a lot of time in 2010 running for United States Congress.  This required me to get better at listening to both voters and non-voters vent their frustrations with all levels of government-from the federal down to the local level. 

I argued and continue to argue for real estate property tax reform specifically in Kansas.  My appellate brief will be filed via mail on January 3.  I am merely one step from my 10th attempt to be docketed with the United States Supreme Court.

In 2010, I also argued in Washingto DC on behalf of our nation's veterans right to a cost recovery. A decision related to that case should be coming out shortly in 2011. I visited the White House and Obama would not meet with  me.  The Commission of the IRS refuses to process my federal homebuyer tax credit so soon, he is going to get sued by me in my first federal court in Florida here in early 2011. 

In 2010, I listened to the Tea Party patriots whom are like me-sick and tired of yahoo politicians intent on getting more of our money regardless of how our United States Constitution clearly and loudly was crafted based on the rights of the individual.  Not to mention our founding fathers clearly were afraid of progressive socialism and big brother kind of government.

In 2010, I got to meet with Sarah Palin and members of her family in May. In January, I got my Oz out of Kansas and moved to Florida. Some groups in Florida want me to run for Congress in the 14th District in 2012.. Maybe. Now that I think about it in reflection, 2010 was a very big year for me. 2011 however looks even better.

However from a broad and overiding principal that guides my conduct, acts and omissions, here in the United States, too few of us remember the clear and intentional  writing of our United States Constitution's founding fathers.  And far too many have succumbed to each new generation of those intent on their own self-interest, forcing politicans to creating and  focusing on a welfare nation as envisioned by the enemy of the people, progressive socialist FDR. 

And here once again in 2011, we are in a similar situation as faced during the Great Depression.  High rates of unemployment, plenty of corporate welfare, huge budget deficits, and yahoo politicans creating new ways to tax the lives out of us by forcing us to find bigger and worse governments.

Not only do we have to deal with "too big to fail" entities like banks, mortgage companies, Government Motors, and the horrors related to death panels and the rationing of health care, we also deal with the
de-industrialization of American manufacturing, we also get to deal with declining wages, fewer job choices as we globalize and ship jobs all over the world, leaving the worst jobs here domestically almost leading to the total elimination of the middle class.  At several levels. 

Americans are looking at real losses to their dreams of retirement and the elimination of any wealth many relied on in, by investing their funds in home equity.  So, despite all this negativism, we still have to try our best to be as optimistic as much as possible despite the very real fact we as a nation, we the people are in a deep world of shit. 

While our country continues to decline into a nation where the biggest employer is the federal, state county and local governments, we as a nation remain in deep trouble.  The ugly and very real possibility of total control over our lives and our property will remain a growing and festering sore on our collective and individual souls as big government from federal to the local level, remains a huge problem here in the United States. If this trend to deficit spending, trade deficits, doling out trillions of dollars not backed by anything but empty promises, our nation will soon move into a total and complete economic collapse. 

But at least the good news going forward is that I am not going to endure this nonsense much longer. Matter of fact, I do not have that much longer to live or endure the tenacles of the beast strangling the rights of individuals much longer. 

Further, I am personally going to focus more and more, on the world from an international  perspective.  In 2011, I intend to broaden what I see is my goal.  To make this planet a better place going forward, regardless of the state of our many and varied governments intent on taking control over many parts of our lives.  These many governments here domestically can merely kiss my ass in 2011. 

Remember, we the people are still in charge.  Not the government.  We if we continue as a nation to focus only on our self-interest, rather than a dual focus and balancing on both our national and self-interest, we as a nation will continue to decline with a rapid acceleration. 

And hopefully both in 2011 and again in 2012, we the people make certain those political yahoos that like big governments, that keep reaching into our and my pockets for both our property and our labor, it is our duty to ensure they are not going to get those things.   

We get it.  So do many of the patriots out there that love our United States Constitution as written.  Not interpreted by government bureaucrats and corrupt corporations.  We the people, we are in charge.  And if that leds to blood in the streets in America . . . we the people will make that happen also.  Because we the people of the United States of America do not like living in a deep world of progressive socialism.  

We Americans like our United States Constitution as written. 

Our United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers with clarity, focus, purpose and intent, understood that the strength of our nation is and must remain based on the strength of the individual-not the size of an ever-growing federal government that tries to sweep our country further and further into a welfare state.  So that sums up my 2011 New Year's resolution. 

Sounds almost the same as my resolutions I chose when I decided to run for United States Congress in 2004.  The creep of progressive socialism continues to spread its tenacles. 

And we the people, here in the United States, remain in a deep world of shit. 


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