Thursday, November 4, 2010

The only thing more insane than QE2 are the people running the Federal Reserve System

Well, there goes another trillion dollars of your money.  The Federal Reserve calls it quantatative easing, part II.  Then, part III further sending our national economy into the crapper as we move from being a brokeass nation to a bankrupt nation.

Demand an accounting of the Federal Reserve including the removal of the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner for remaining clueless about what we the people want.

Now that we have spoken, there is a lot we need to do to get jobs and economic prosperity.  The first job is fire the Treasury Secretary, an economist that clearly is trying to screw us, we the people some more.  As stated, until we get rid of this manipulation of the national economy by this fourth branch of the government, the Federal Reserve, we are still screwed regardless of the election outcome yesterday.

With zero interest rates, the only entities that are going to prosper are bankers.  Screw the bankers.  We should have allowed a free market economy to force them to take bankruptcy back in 2008; just like any other business.  Instead, these bastards are robbing us.  Hence, why your home value continues to decline.  Provided you still have your home and are not in foreclosure already.

When we look back five to ten years from now, we will sadly remember how rotten things were.  Zero interest rates, massive home foreclosures, banks hoarding money, resulting in massive job losses domestically.  While our national infrastructure remains a big mess.

Hell, we all know how rotten our national economy is already.  This giveaway by the Federal Reserve is merely another horrible day in our country's history. 

We will not forget all this manipulation by the Federal Reserve.  The goal of all us is to remember and demand accountability, transparency and an end to the Federal Reserve Banking system as we know it.


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