Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deficit Reduction Commission-ROFLMAO

Right.  The progressive socialist party, aka democrats now have a deficit reduction commission wanting to trick all of us people again.  After wasting trillions of  dollars, the socialists now want to trick us some more, we the dummies . . . err,  we the people to somehow magically believe they are suddenly post-election somehow serious now about reducing the federal deficit.

Particularily now that the GOP controls Congress.  Equally funny is the GOP stating they are going to reduce the federal deficit after we all had to endure 8 years of GWB's fiscal irresponsibity and political nonsense.

Sure they are.  A bunch of lying politician yahoos still remain in control in DC.

Yesterday, I hear this rumor the dem party in part of their scheme and deficit reduction nonsense is going to get the political ball rolling with a bribe of 250 dollars to senior citizens and others on Social Security. Usually the bribes are supposed to be done right before the election.  What were they thinking.  The bribes should have been in late October.  Not after the election.

Now how does giving moeny in the amount of 250 dollars somehow cause a deficit reduction?  If the dem socialists give away 250 dollars in a bribe to the senior voting block, that is somehow reducing the federal deficit?  Let me if I have this right.  The Dem leadership plan to reduce the deficit is spend money?  Great thinking.  Hence, the shellacking in 2010 election cycle.

And plus, there is bipartisian support for a a moratorium on earmarks?  Sure they are.  ROFL.

This is the kind of nonsense only Crazy Nancy could think of.  No one normal thinks like this.  First, spend money to reduce the deficit dortefies common sense.  Really, what this is telling me the Dem leadership is so desperate after getting shellacked at the voting booths, they are going to start the bribes shortly after the election. 

Second, I anticipate more bribes will be coming forth clear to the 2012 Presidential election.  Bribes for votes.  The new political agenda for the Dem Socialist Party, naturally another stolen idea from Bush tactical analysts.  Whomever offers the biggest bribe is the new paradigm in politican elections.  Pander to people's greed and economic self-interest before the election.  Then tax the crap out of us post-election.  Give a little, tax a lot kind of logic. 

Now the GOP are about as insane.  Reduce the budget deficit by insisting the the Bush tax cuts must be extened to cut the federal deficit-our GOP federal tax scheme just has to stay in place. Now this kind of irrational logic is just as bad as the dem socialists.  Reduce federal receipts is somehow necessary to reduce the federal deficit.  This is merely  more of that Reagan Voodoo Economic theories; or as I prefer to call it, economic nonsense.

Somehow, by reducing federal tax receipts from the rich will somehow magically lead by trickle-down economics that will in turn lead our nation to another round of economic prosperity leading to a budget deficit reduction,  So based on GOP logic, our nation must keep the Bush tax cuts in place bcause the rich cannot afford right now to pay a fairer amount and our economy just has to have kept in place phoney baloney tax protection for the rich.  No wonder the Tea Party movement continues post-election.

To deal with all this political doublespeak and lack of rational thought makes most of us want to ROFL.  The way I see things, like most normal people, is we justcannot believe either one of these lying political parties.  You can bet there will be no agreement from this budget deficit recommendations anyone will find credible. Nor will any of their recommendations be implemented.

 It seems to me all I am hearing from this commission is a fear tactic stolen from Bush theorists.  Scare the crap out of people pretending the dems must do something now that they lost control of Congress. 

Earmarks, corruption and bribes will all be increasing the federal deficit and will merely continue as is typical of DC political yahoos.  Talk about reducing the deficit just like a drunken sailor returning to port after a long voyage.  Lie like a dog. 

So, at least while the the two major parties continue to  lie to all of us dummies, most of us skeptics out here are so used to, remains very much our political reality leaving me roflmao. 

Rhetorically, are there any statesmen left in America?

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