Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Leaks and why Hillary Clinton should be resigning soon

This Wiki Leak situation is very embarressing to our nation.  Naturally, who is responsible?

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She should resign.  Soon.  Before Obama fires her.

For good reason.  This is her fault.

Now many people are not certain whom Wiki Leaks are and what is their function.  Merely go to:

On one hand, as a fellow writer and former investigator, I admire investigative journalism and am  supportive of honesty and accurate reporting. That is what I have been taught is the American way.  Therefore,  I admire what this organization is doing, its goals and its accuracy.

On the other hand, our federal government should be embarresed about its lack of transparency and now wants to mount a counter-offensive against honesty?

What is happening to our federal government?  Like written in the past on this blog, the people in Washington apparently are/have going insane and are in some kind of delusional state that is a major international embarressment of our nation.

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