Monday, November 22, 2010

A lot of GOP insiders are desperate-So they attack Sarah Palin?

I find it amusing that some GOP insiders, mainly Bush like people decided to launch today some kind of zany offensive campaign against Tea Party hero, Sarah Palin.

This only makes sense because Sarah Palin clearly represents a new type of politican that is not afraid of GOP insiders. 

So it is only natural these evil people are going to try to derail the Palin juggernaut.  Good luck with that one.  With Palin rolling along, and getting more confident she can win the Presidency in 2012 and beat the progressive socialists including Obama, a lot of people are going to want to attack Palin.

Good.  All the attention, even negative will help Palin gather more  steam as she continues to focus on what we the people of America want.  And that ticks off the Bush loyalists.  Maybe these GOP insiders should be focusing on what Sarah Palin represents.  Which is us.

This plan of the Bushites will backfire and solidify Palin as the leading Presidential candidate as the caucus events start happening. They always attack the one leading for the wrong reasons. 

Then, one of my worst fears, a Hillary Clinton vice presidency by  swapping places with Joe Biden is so laughable.  And scary. 

Can anyone really see Joe Biden being a Secretary of State?  Get real people.  Has everyone in Washington lost their minds? 

Apparently so. 

Way to go Bush people. Thanks for the humor today. I needed to roflmao again.  What next? Jeb Bush going to run?  I certainly hope no one is serious about that happening.  Bush III-what a nightmare that would be.

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