Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My take on whether Jesus was a communist or a capitalist.

Ok sportsfans, here is a post I just received from those ultra-liberal socialists over at CNN where two people are debating whether Jesus was a communist or a capitalist.  Click this thing below to read this at http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2010/11/23/was-jesus-a-communist-or-a-capitalist/?hpt=C2.

Clearly by application of common sense, Jesus was no capitalist.  No matter how twisted a person like an attorney can argue absurd things like that.  So I am eliminating that part of the argument right away without  further discussion.

So, the question we are left with was Jesus a Communist? 

First, we all know Jesus would really dislike the Federal Reserve Bank, Ben Bernake and QE2.  We discussed this in an prior piece suggesting that Jesus would probably ask God to send Bernake and Treasury Tim Geither straight to hell.  So I do not need to elaborate on why on that part.

Second, we know both Jesus and Scherer strongly dislike real estate property taxes.  Jesus definitely opposed a practice in Israel called the Jubilee.  Now the Jubilee happened every fifty years.  Unlike my real estate property taxes that happen every year. 

Further, anyone that reads the Bible knows or should know what the Jubilee was in context to what happened to Jesus.My theory is when Jesus opposed the Jewish tradition of the Jubilee, well . . .  this ticked off a lot of people.  And this is one of the major reasons Jesus was crucified. 

Third, Jesus stated regarding the Jubilee the oft quoted statement, "render unto Caesar, those things that belong to Caesar, and render unto God those things that belong to God."  Now my take on what Jesus was stating is basically God owns everything and Caesar does not get squat including my real estate taxes.  So both Jesus and Scherer are alike in disliking real estate property taxes. Regardless, I am digressing. 

Finally, getting back to the issue at hand.  Since Jesus dislikes bankers including stupid things like QE2, and he hates taxes, clearly Jesus must have at least been a socialist. I think a better question that could have been posted was Jesus a progressive socialist, a republican or a Tea Party kind of person.  I personally think Jesus would have been a tea party person and a strong supporter of Sarah Palin.

Whether he was a commie or not, I doubt.  If Jesus were a commie, he would be working at CNN.

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