Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What me worry? by Alfred E. Bernake

While Muslim Obama is sucking up to the rest of his Muslim world, most of us reasonable people remember Mad Magazine and the former Alfred E. Neuman.  Who has been succeeded by Fed Reserve Chairman Alfred E. Bernake. 

Mr. Bernake clearly does not worry about the value of the American dollar.  So he just makes more money whenever he feels like it, usually on a whim.  Why should Alfred Bernake  worry?

He has the rest of us Americans who can worry about Bernake's monetary expansionistic theories related to our stagnation, zero economic growth, foreclosures, declining property values and no job expansion; while little is being done regarding our national infrastructure.

So why should we worry either?

We should all do like the rest of the international community is going to do-dump t-bills and invest in gold and real hard assets instead of worthless U.S. dollars.

For the kids that do not remember Alfred E. Bernake, just go to this link:

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