Thursday, April 26, 2012

Novice Candidates for the 19th District Congressional Race All Made the Same Error (Changed from the 14th Congressional District of Florida)

In one of prior posts that is and remains significant called Bubbles of Solutions, all of the GOP and lone Democratic candidate keep making is failing to understand what it takes to win the congressional race.  All of the other candidates continue to fail to understand when it comes to discussing political issues, a candidate that wants to prevail must not only demonstrate depth and knowledge on the most important political issues, but also must address two other things.

The electors will vote for a congressional candidate that first understands in depth and with substance, mastery of the major issues the voters want addressed in any political election cycle.  For example this election cycle jobs and the economy are the No. 1 issue facing our nation for good reason. Our nation is still attempting to prevent a major depression with hope of an economic recovery.

Therefore, after a candidate shows depth and understanding of the most relevant issues we face as a nation, a candidate has to take another step in pro-offering both hope and solutions to these issues.  To date, all the other candidates have failed to come forward with any bubbles of solutions to these major issues. Scherer alone shows depth and and substance on issues, but takes this to a higher level than any of the other congressional candidates.

The second major significant issue after offering proposed solutions to issues that is relevant is what is any particular candidate doing before being elected.  This is critical.  One's past and present are always good indicators of one's future acts and omissions.  A congressional candidate in order to be elected has to be able to demonstrate what one has done and is doing now regardless of electability to any congressional office.

So for starters, I want to now inform readers here of some of the efforts I have been doing for the people of Florida since I become a Floridian in 2009.  Shortly after moving to Florida, I was delegated a task via the past Florida Governor Charlie Christ to visit and be assistive to the immigrant farm workers of Immokalee, FL in March of 2009.  So in this regard, I did that analysis and wrote extensively about the deplorable work environment these migrant farm workers have to endure.

The second major project I was involved in was related to the robo-signing and lack of due process in the state of Florida judicial system.  Although I am no fan of the liberal ACLU, I was asked by their national HQ in New York City to do something at the federal level related to the same.  This is and still is a substantial issue I continue to address via the federal and state court judicial system.  I have spent tremendous amount of time, labor and expense trying my best to address the failures of the Florida Judicial System to give due process of law, both substantive and procedural. 

Now I clearly state in regard to the Florida Judicial System, my former state of residence Kansas had a similiar problem in the context of a broad-based failure of the state legislators of Kansas not wanting to adequately fund public education.  So I am not disparaging the Florida Judicial system-I am merely stating here in Florida, the state legislators have inadequately failed to fund Florida's judicial system and that issue is worthy of my time and attention and clearly needs to be addressed.  Like Kansas, there is a solution to what happened to many Floridians losing their homes; while being deprived of them based on fraud by the mortage and banking industry, aided by inadequate funding of Florida' s judicial system.

As a candidate for US Congress, I cannot sit by idly ignoring what happened in Florida causing so many of our citizens to lose their homes due to a mortgage fiasco based in part on fraud.  Further, there is going to be a second round coming later of more foreclosures.

The only reason the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates artificially low and near zero is due to all the foreclosures that will happen when interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages triggers further defaults and more foreclosures.  Clearly the Federal Reserve is trying to control further collapse and decline in your and my home values interfering and delaying the inevitable.  Rhetoric regarding a free market economy continues to be that our national government does not want a free market economy.  In that regard, I want a fair market econony instead of a major depression caused by a free market economy in the context of housing.

The third major project I am working to address the No. 1 issue in our nation is an on-going project to bring jobs to Florida.  I agree with another elected official of Florida who clearly stated  Florida needs job diversity to weather the economic cycle.  So compare what the other candidates have and are doing presently to demonstrate what they will do, if elected to be your next congressman.

So in summation, I have and continue to do whatever I can to make this nation a better place for all of us in real terms by taking action. I will continue to act-not talk in flowery rhetoric absent any demonstrative action taken by any of the other candidates for United States Congress here in the 19th District.  Make these other candidates clearly state what they are doing right now to deserve to earn your vote.  Ignore the political rhetoric and prove to you the voter why they are more qualified and experienced than Scherer is to be your next US Congressman.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remembering the Greater Good in the face of Political Extremes

After I attended and listened to eight of the congressional candidates debate last night divide themselves on several key issues, I feel compelled when facing political extremes, it is necessary sometimes on divisive issues to remain focused on the greater good.  For example, one of the topics was related to offshore oil production. 

Naturally on a given issue there are those that take extreme positions like the Obama administration opposing the Keystone Pipeline, despite Obama assurances jobs in America are allegedly one of his priorities.  From  my perspective, Obama forgot the greater good.  Even Bill and Hillary Clinton are divided on the Keystone Pipleline project along the dividing lines of enviromental issues.

Which takes me back to rememembering the greater good.  One of the candidates discussed there are disasters, but having negative events such as the BP disaster should not mean we stop all off-shore oil and gas production because of the greater good-less reliance on oil and gas imports. I cannot imagine any congressional candidate stating our country should not want to develop offshore oil and gas merely because of one disaster.

Along the same lines related to the greater good, should we ban a drug manufacterer because one person had an adverse drug reaction; while a drug saves many?  Or in transportation, should we stop all airline flights because of one horrific crash?  Of course not.  We as a nation built on production focus, react and improve proactively to some event that have caused some tragic outcome to bring about positive and pro-active reaction. In plain terms, by focusing on the greater good means we have to employ a fair amount of common sense.

 We do not as a nation focused on the greater good, merely force some business to cease production based on an isolated and tragic event that impacted one or more persons.  Instead when there is an unintended consequence caused, we as a civil nation give our judicial system the opportunity to compensate others for any harm and injury caused by another. In plain and simple terms, we as people of htis nation have to apply a fair amount of common sense remaining focused on the greater good.

The conclusion on this post is there are many issues that are divisive leading to political extremes.  We remain as a nation focused on the greater good instead of resorting to the far left or far right.  To further this argument, we have in this nation idealists vs. reality.  We must deal with negative consequences as they occur, but remain focused as a united nation and people on the greater good that benefits many. If we resort to idealism, there would no production of any resource at all.  And that would negatively impact the greater good.

So, this is how I will resolve competing extreme political positions.  I will add the greater good to my analytical decision making framework in my goal to make our nation a better place as your best candidate for United States Congress.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brokeass Nation Quandry: The Extreme Spectrum of War hawks vs. Social Engineering Compassionate Entitlements

Per the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), war hawks, and lead voodoo economist, Congressman Ryan our brokeass nation is and remains in a quandry about how to trim the federal spending outlays.  When politicians start giving stats related to budgets, balanced or unbalanced, deficits and surpluses, trade imbalances, the Federal Reserve's manipulations and the federal debt, most people get that glazed eye look. 

Below, I am trying to avoid as much as possible, giving numbers and percentages as much as possible. The war machine (one conservative extreme) insists Congress must reduce compassion meaning cutback entitlements (the other liberal extreme); but not defense spending in a biased argument to keep the war machine going-an unbalanced theory that also relies on zany theories along the line of trickle-down or voodoo economics. This is a black and white kind of theory most voters and I have to reject.

As a candidate for Congress, my job is to listen and arrive at a common sense balancing act in accord with the voters of the nation and my congressional district that is best for our nation domestically, locally in Florida and how both are federal government and we as a united nation are perceived at the international level. 

For example, are we as citizens of the United States known and regarded internationally as war mongerers; or instead are the American people a  nation of people that love all of  humanity?

We federal taxpayers can afford a balanced and compassionate entitlement program that includes programs containing "entitlements" such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security;  provided Congress brings about reductions in our war machine-DOD budget for starters.

 In prior blog posts, I have also addressed some solutions related to the 1635 federal subsidies and plenty of pork earmark projects giving away our federal tax dollars as merely part of the federal corruption going to special interest groups in greased bribes in return for campaign contributions to yahoo federal politicans as other sources of reducing federal spending using our federal tax revenue.

Then, many in this nation want a a simple to understand broad-based progressive income tax system to replace the current  imcomprehensible federal income tax system, along with all the loopholes for the rich buried in the Internal Revenue Tax Regulations.  Not to mention all the other tax schemes or artifices created by Congress to capture federal tax revenue in a long and steady shift to a federal consumption taxes like fuel and sin taxes. 

Generally, when federal yahoo politicians give their rhetoric about federal tax revenues, the incumbents only insist "hey, we yahoos kept our promise-we did not raise federal income taxes"; while conveniently omitting the fact that Congress merely raised one or more of the federal consumption taxes.

Naturally, federal consumption taxes are a regressive tax policy that benefits the rich.  The summation is the yahoo federal politicians are going to ensure sufficient federal tax receipts from many sources.  So to me, the solution is many and varied related to federal tax receipts necessary to balance U.S. federal spending without running up the national debt causing further net interest owed to be a bigger and bigger percentage of gross domestic product. 

CBO states pretty clearly since Obama has taken over, there has been a huge shift in the amount of 2008 expenditures of GDP on a percentage basis from   20.6 to 24.1% of GDP.  This huge increase in federal expenditures is quantum leap that is often referred to as being and is "unsustainable". 

Something has to be cut back to move expenditures by the federal government a lot closer to resemblence of a balanced federal budget. In this post, I am arguing our Congress can cut back on DOD spending and all this corruption  in the billions of dollars by stopping all this special interest money doled out in bribes to special interest groups.  This plan or theory I have also includes dramatic cutbacks in both federal subsidies  and earmarks.

In regard to federal tax policy, I agree there needs to be substantial tax reform that ensures our federal tax system remains progressive-not regressive.  Now cutting back on DOD spending and federal subsidies and pork tend to bring about other problems in our national economy in the short and long term.  But sadly, we have no other options since clearly, the US is one big brokeass nation. Sooner, rather than later, we or our progeny are all going to have to pay for it. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Best Guess at Obama VP selection-Our worst nightmare ever

With Rubio linking with Romney, I had a nightmare that Obama is going to dump Joe "the gaffer" Biden for Secretary of State Hilliary "I love pantsuits" Clinton.

Now playing on the Obama Social Engineerng Channel; as well as CNN Comedy network that women all across the entire universe known to man just hate Mitt Romney. My God, just what our nation does not need. Either a Clinton or Bush anywhere near the Oval office, ever again.

Do people not learn from history and merely repeat their voting errors, over and over again? It will be our national luck Hillary will get another shot at reforming health care--especially considering Kate Sebelius, my old Kansas GOV nemesis is really now messing up HHS as head cheerleader for ObamaCare.

If I were Obama, I would get rid of Biden, Clinton, Sebelius and of course, Eric "I hate all of you" Holder, Jr., one of the worst AG's we have ever had in America.

Holder and Reno are in the same class of really rotten AG's'. But do not forget Nixon's AG Mitchell, and then there is Alberto Gonzales and John "Let the Eagles Soar" Ashcroft.

Isn't about time we actually got a good AG in America considering these past yahoo attonrey generals of the United States? Most Americans I am listening to want our nation's laws enforced-not politicized and selective enforcement of the law.

Here we have Obama directing his goon squads at DOJ taking it to levels that have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves. While concurrently we have the Secret Service associating with hookers.

All of this tells me one basic fact-Obama is not in charge of federal agencies-these federal agencies are out of control because Obama is too busy focused on fund-raising as a politician; instead of being and performing his duties as President of the United States.

Another Clinton or Bush in this nightmare being only one step away from running the White House again. No wonder I am having nightmares again. And I was wide awake when this nightmare hit.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Ted Nugent-Motor City Madman that now resides in Texas

All this nonsense about Ted's rights to free speech merely are another indication of how the Obama Nation employs the goon squad to those that oppose Obama nonsense. Now I have met Ted Nugent. He really is a pretty nice guy that cares about and loves our nation.

If you are not concerned about Obama and his administration, then you do not understand how evil Obama is. Obama's evil ego is way past the twilight zone. If you do not support his policies and adminisration, out of evil respite, the feds are coming after you.

I hope I am on the list. Remember that song about sending in the clowns. The clowns apparently now work for Obama. Sounds like Obama has cat scratch fever.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going Positive on the FEC numbers

Hey there is further good news on the media. At least they are listing me as a congressional candidate finally. The Naples News actually put my name on the candidate list. Probably for good reason. Special interest groups like the mass media know and understand I am not for sale.

Further, the mass media needs to understand money in a campaign account does not indicate a candidate's past accomplishments, or lack thereof. The mass media clearly is wrong for focusing on campaign money. The mass media is just hoping the candidate with the big bucks, advertises in their rag.

Too bad the Naples News omitted a key fact-that I am running as an unaffiliated candidate. I am assuming this does not make Jeff Lytel (Naples News)or Mia Mia Chang (over at the Fort Myers Newspress happy). Good.

My job is to make certain we actually get a good congressman this election cycle. Remember, these rags brought you Connie Mack. Which is you are like me, are not happy with this Californian.

Quarterly Numbers are in: Let the corruption and bribes by special interest groups begin, again

Well the numbers are in for most of the candidates filed for Florida's congressional district. Once again, the media wants you the voter to believe the candidate with the most money has the best chance. Wrong.

The candidates with the most money are usually the most corrupt promising you more of the same old thing. Most will notice I received no special interest money and for that, I am very proud.

Scherer clearly is not for sale.
Unlike some of these other yahoos. Scherer took in zero dollars in special interest bribes. Good. Clearly Scherer as a congressional candidate has integrity.

The leading receiptient of bribes was Trey "the voice" Radel. He makes a great candidate if one likes people like Rush Limbaugh. Lots of talk, no solutions and plenty of political rhetoric. When I heard this guy speak, I said give me a break.

Rhetoric absent substance.

Radel's chances of winning the GOP primary are slim and none. Mark my word on this one. Better yet, Radel will self-destruct as soon as others listen to the lack of substance of this candidate.

A person that is a DJ hardly has the qualifications for being your congressman. Merely ask Trey what he done in real terms to earn your vote. Ditto on the other candidates.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trayvon Martin Tradegy-I am not Trayvon Martin

Here is my retro take on this Trayvon Martin tragedy taking into consideration both Stand Your Ground statute in FL coupled with civil rights issues. Whether either are relevant is subject to argumentation.

I am not a criminal law expert. However, in law school I did take criminal law giving me some basic background. It is my understanding the taking of another human life involves both criminal and civil issues. Manslaughter is the taking of another human life without a huge elaboration on the degrees or mental state of taking another person's life.

So to me, I am expecting to see charges of manslaughter raised against Zimmerman. Zimmerman naturally did not intend to take Trayvon's life. But, sadly, he did because he made a decision that resulted in the altercation that caused a life to be taken.

First, Zimmerman ignored directions to stand down from the Sanford Police Dispatch. He did not.

Second, I understand as best one can, why this is a a major civil rights issue. Zimmerman's acts clearly are outside the intent of the Florida Stand Your Ground laws. He had the opportuntity to retreat and was told to do so by the Sanford Police Department. Zimmerman ignore that direction.

Third, had Zimmerman done as told, a human life would not have been lost. So, Zimmerman had a decision to make-he made it-and a human life was lost because of it.

Fourth, as a nation, we do not want to see others engaged in vigilante justice. So, at least Zimmerman should be held accountable and charged at a minimum with manslaughter.

Fifth, Zimmerman's situation reminds me of a murder case in Wichita Kansas several years ago. It was not a murder based on race as some in the media wanted to paint it-it was a murder caused during a robbery without regard to one's skin color. Same situation applies here-Zimmerman may have had preconceptions related to skin color and race, but that is not as relevant as to what happened here.

Zimmerman acted in direct contradiction to the instructions he was given by the Sanford Police to stand down. He did not. To me, this is where Zimmerman made the wrong and tragic decision and he is responsible for it. He clearly erred here.

Like most Americans, that is my humble take on this. This is a tragedy as defined. There are no winners here. This situation requires a modicum of justice to resolve this tragic situation ferom being repeated all over America; which will hopefully lead to a clear intent of Florida's Stand Your Ground statute be amended to provide clarification, as followed by several other states.

I am not Trayvon Martin. I am merely a candidate running for United States Congress that wants to make our nation a better place.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bad Call Obama-Not real smart insulting SCOTUS

Way to go Barry. First, you insult the United States Supreme Court in some kind of political posturing on Obamacare and the next day, through your US DOJ, you now want to mess with Sheriff Joe out in Arizona. Which really makes me wonder what were you thinking?

One thing is certainly clear here. If you oppose Obama, he will send out the goon squad from DOJ. Wonder what Barry's next strong-arm tactics will be? Have DOJ investigate SCOTUS?

Here is today's myopic quote: "I have enormous confidence that in looking at this law, not only is it constitutional, but that the court is going to exercise its jurisprudence carefully because of the profound power that our Supreme Court has," Obama said. " As a consequence, we're not spending a whole bunch of time planning for contingencies."

Which makes me wonder what kind of leader fails to have a plan for contigencies?

Sounding a political theme, he said that more important was for "all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to recognize that in a country like ours -- the wealthiest, most powerful country on Earth -- we shouldn't have a system in which millions of people are at risk of bankruptcy because they get sick or end up waiting until they do get sick and then go to the emergency room which involves all of us paying for it."

That quote clearly shows myopic vision there is only one solution Obama has-Obamacare. Now in regard to the current state of our national health care system, all of us citizens want the best health care system an individual can afford. So remembering the Rick Santelli rant, we just do not want to have to pay for everyone else's health care-each individual is entitled to the health care system they plan for and can afford.

Basically, if a person fails to plan for their own health care, Obama wants you to pay for their health care. Clearly, an evil plan contrary to the founding fathers of our nation. Our founding fathers believed in a small and limited national government, that was focused on the rights and freedoms of the individual. Obamacare is a direct contradiction to our founding fathers having an undue reliance of individuals upon big brother.

And if Obama does not get what he wants, he sends out the goon squad from DOJ-signs he clearly acts like a spoiled child crying and throwing a temper tantrum when he does not get what he wants. Naturally, like a good parent, if Obama keeps throwing his fits and tantrums, SCOTUS should take appropriate action and spank the child for throwing such a fit.

We all agree in this nation, there is a need to reign in an upward and out of control spiraling health care costs in a health care system lacking in quality, but governed by greed. Plus, we need to ensure as a civil nation, there must be a solution for those who cannot afford health care; or fail to plan for their own individual health care. But like always, exceptions do not dictate a solution to these individuals is a myopic Obamacare plan run and controlled by a national government.

In short summary, Obamacare is not the right solution to our health care system. Individual responsibility providing for very limited and narrow exceptional circumstances for a small group of individuals that cannot or have not planned and paid for their own healthcare still needs a better solution that does not lead to big brother taking over 1/6th of the economy of the United States.

If these zany democratic social engineers want to voluntarily pay for everyone else's health care responsibilities, go ahead. But please do not ask Rick Santelli, or the rest of the citizens of the United States including me to pay for it by some kind of unconstitutional mandate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Obama Spin: A Great Speaker does not imply one is a great leader

Even I have to admit Obama can give great speeches, full of hidden agendas and flowery rhetoric, smiling cleverly with cute and whimsical antidotes to make some laugh.

My pastor applies the same tools. One difference between the two is one is the President of the United States. Another difference is my pastor is a better leader with a lot longer vision than four more years. And as a skilled and experienced congressional candidate, I pay attention to the tricks employed by professional speakers; while concurrently noting a great speech does not mean one is a great leader.

So I am sad. We have a President that is not a leader spinning politics into some kind of bizzaro-like theories of socialism based on an even greater amount of idealism. Obama Spin is failing our nation. And all we have to look forward to are four more years of cuteness? Good grief.

The Presidential post-election in 2013 leaves most of us wondering-wondering when we are going to get a President that leads our nation. I am now looking forward to some of that hope and change around the 2016 election cycle as the next four years will see more of the same-a divided legislative branch that does not like the executive branch of our nation.

Major tax reform-pre-election rhetoric. Immigration reform-pre-election rhetoric. A United Nation, hardly. Gloomy outlook over the next four years-100% certainty.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scherer just dumped 140,000 into the campaign war chest

Hopefully, the local media outlets will take my campaign for US Congress as serious as I do, considering I just deposited 140 thousand into the campaign for Scherer for Congress.

And further, that is no phoney-baloney contribution-real cash-not some vague connection like many politicans do in their campaign reports to make them look better on paper.

I have asked the Federal Election Commission to tighten up campaign finance reports by making candidates for federal office prove what they claim in their reports are real dollars. Sadly, the FEC does not care about political corruption that much, due to understaffing. Which is why a candidate can just make stuff up. Ask some of the folks I ran against in 2010.

Florida's 14th District Congressional Election:Scherer (unaffillated) vs. Goss (GOP) vs Roach (Dem)

As things now stand in the 14th District congressional race, there are going to be three of us moving to the general election come November 2012. Those three are Scherer, because he is unaffilated, Goss, the hard line Washington insider for the GOP, and James Roach because the democrats could not find anyone else to run.

So, Scherer will pick up votes from those that dislike both parties.

Goss will get the I am a loyal GOP person and always vote for the dark side.

Then, the loyalist Dems, the few that actually live in SW Fl will vote for either Roach or Scherer.

That is how I see the November 2012 congressional race going down after the August primaries.

Scherer v. Goss. v. Roach

Playing ObamaSpin: Why you the American Taxpayer should be upset about Warren Buffet spinning Obama like a top

Most Americans understand to some extent political corruption. I do also. For example, I called Warren Buffet's admin assistant Debbie Bosanek at Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha NE. I kindly suggested Buffet quit spinning the President of the US, Obama in some kind of game Warren is a master at.

First, the Keystone Pipeline project was killed because Obama's sidekick Warren does not like the Pipleline project because it interferes in Warren's ideas related to Burlington Rail Industry, owned by Buffet.

Second, Warren is a legend and master of the deal. Warren does not care that much about money, as much as he cares about playing the game. Gamesmanship.

Third, because Warren and Barry are such pals, Warren will give Obama a bunch of money in millions to run for President. Because a master legendary billionaire like Warren sees the long term benefits. Of getting your federal tax dollars in billions for his Burlington Rail Industry projects.

To which I suggest as a taxpayer, the spin should really anger one for reasons as indicatted above. I highly suggest a boycott of companies owned by Warren Buffet commence. Like Geico.

Let the boycott start here and now. If Warren thinks he is the puppet master, I can play a game too. I call this game boycott.