Thursday, April 26, 2012

Novice Candidates for the 19th District Congressional Race All Made the Same Error (Changed from the 14th Congressional District of Florida)

In one of prior posts that is and remains significant called Bubbles of Solutions, all of the GOP and lone Democratic candidate keep making is failing to understand what it takes to win the congressional race.  All of the other candidates continue to fail to understand when it comes to discussing political issues, a candidate that wants to prevail must not only demonstrate depth and knowledge on the most important political issues, but also must address two other things.

The electors will vote for a congressional candidate that first understands in depth and with substance, mastery of the major issues the voters want addressed in any political election cycle.  For example this election cycle jobs and the economy are the No. 1 issue facing our nation for good reason. Our nation is still attempting to prevent a major depression with hope of an economic recovery.

Therefore, after a candidate shows depth and understanding of the most relevant issues we face as a nation, a candidate has to take another step in pro-offering both hope and solutions to these issues.  To date, all the other candidates have failed to come forward with any bubbles of solutions to these major issues. Scherer alone shows depth and and substance on issues, but takes this to a higher level than any of the other congressional candidates.

The second major significant issue after offering proposed solutions to issues that is relevant is what is any particular candidate doing before being elected.  This is critical.  One's past and present are always good indicators of one's future acts and omissions.  A congressional candidate in order to be elected has to be able to demonstrate what one has done and is doing now regardless of electability to any congressional office.

So for starters, I want to now inform readers here of some of the efforts I have been doing for the people of Florida since I become a Floridian in 2009.  Shortly after moving to Florida, I was delegated a task via the past Florida Governor Charlie Christ to visit and be assistive to the immigrant farm workers of Immokalee, FL in March of 2009.  So in this regard, I did that analysis and wrote extensively about the deplorable work environment these migrant farm workers have to endure.

The second major project I was involved in was related to the robo-signing and lack of due process in the state of Florida judicial system.  Although I am no fan of the liberal ACLU, I was asked by their national HQ in New York City to do something at the federal level related to the same.  This is and still is a substantial issue I continue to address via the federal and state court judicial system.  I have spent tremendous amount of time, labor and expense trying my best to address the failures of the Florida Judicial System to give due process of law, both substantive and procedural. 

Now I clearly state in regard to the Florida Judicial System, my former state of residence Kansas had a similiar problem in the context of a broad-based failure of the state legislators of Kansas not wanting to adequately fund public education.  So I am not disparaging the Florida Judicial system-I am merely stating here in Florida, the state legislators have inadequately failed to fund Florida's judicial system and that issue is worthy of my time and attention and clearly needs to be addressed.  Like Kansas, there is a solution to what happened to many Floridians losing their homes; while being deprived of them based on fraud by the mortage and banking industry, aided by inadequate funding of Florida' s judicial system.

As a candidate for US Congress, I cannot sit by idly ignoring what happened in Florida causing so many of our citizens to lose their homes due to a mortgage fiasco based in part on fraud.  Further, there is going to be a second round coming later of more foreclosures.

The only reason the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates artificially low and near zero is due to all the foreclosures that will happen when interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages triggers further defaults and more foreclosures.  Clearly the Federal Reserve is trying to control further collapse and decline in your and my home values interfering and delaying the inevitable.  Rhetoric regarding a free market economy continues to be that our national government does not want a free market economy.  In that regard, I want a fair market econony instead of a major depression caused by a free market economy in the context of housing.

The third major project I am working to address the No. 1 issue in our nation is an on-going project to bring jobs to Florida.  I agree with another elected official of Florida who clearly stated  Florida needs job diversity to weather the economic cycle.  So compare what the other candidates have and are doing presently to demonstrate what they will do, if elected to be your next congressman.

So in summation, I have and continue to do whatever I can to make this nation a better place for all of us in real terms by taking action. I will continue to act-not talk in flowery rhetoric absent any demonstrative action taken by any of the other candidates for United States Congress here in the 19th District.  Make these other candidates clearly state what they are doing right now to deserve to earn your vote.  Ignore the political rhetoric and prove to you the voter why they are more qualified and experienced than Scherer is to be your next US Congressman.

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