Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Obama Spin: A Great Speaker does not imply one is a great leader

Even I have to admit Obama can give great speeches, full of hidden agendas and flowery rhetoric, smiling cleverly with cute and whimsical antidotes to make some laugh.

My pastor applies the same tools. One difference between the two is one is the President of the United States. Another difference is my pastor is a better leader with a lot longer vision than four more years. And as a skilled and experienced congressional candidate, I pay attention to the tricks employed by professional speakers; while concurrently noting a great speech does not mean one is a great leader.

So I am sad. We have a President that is not a leader spinning politics into some kind of bizzaro-like theories of socialism based on an even greater amount of idealism. Obama Spin is failing our nation. And all we have to look forward to are four more years of cuteness? Good grief.

The Presidential post-election in 2013 leaves most of us wondering-wondering when we are going to get a President that leads our nation. I am now looking forward to some of that hope and change around the 2016 election cycle as the next four years will see more of the same-a divided legislative branch that does not like the executive branch of our nation.

Major tax reform-pre-election rhetoric. Immigration reform-pre-election rhetoric. A United Nation, hardly. Gloomy outlook over the next four years-100% certainty.

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