Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playing ObamaSpin: Why you the American Taxpayer should be upset about Warren Buffet spinning Obama like a top

Most Americans understand to some extent political corruption. I do also. For example, I called Warren Buffet's admin assistant Debbie Bosanek at Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha NE. I kindly suggested Buffet quit spinning the President of the US, Obama in some kind of game Warren is a master at.

First, the Keystone Pipeline project was killed because Obama's sidekick Warren does not like the Pipleline project because it interferes in Warren's ideas related to Burlington Rail Industry, owned by Buffet.

Second, Warren is a legend and master of the deal. Warren does not care that much about money, as much as he cares about playing the game. Gamesmanship.

Third, because Warren and Barry are such pals, Warren will give Obama a bunch of money in millions to run for President. Because a master legendary billionaire like Warren sees the long term benefits. Of getting your federal tax dollars in billions for his Burlington Rail Industry projects.

To which I suggest as a taxpayer, the spin should really anger one for reasons as indicatted above. I highly suggest a boycott of companies owned by Warren Buffet commence. Like Geico.

Let the boycott start here and now. If Warren thinks he is the puppet master, I can play a game too. I call this game boycott.

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