Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Florida's 14th District Congressional Election:Scherer (unaffillated) vs. Goss (GOP) vs Roach (Dem)

As things now stand in the 14th District congressional race, there are going to be three of us moving to the general election come November 2012. Those three are Scherer, because he is unaffilated, Goss, the hard line Washington insider for the GOP, and James Roach because the democrats could not find anyone else to run.

So, Scherer will pick up votes from those that dislike both parties.

Goss will get the I am a loyal GOP person and always vote for the dark side.

Then, the loyalist Dems, the few that actually live in SW Fl will vote for either Roach or Scherer.

That is how I see the November 2012 congressional race going down after the August primaries.

Scherer v. Goss. v. Roach

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