Monday, April 23, 2012

My Best Guess at Obama VP selection-Our worst nightmare ever

With Rubio linking with Romney, I had a nightmare that Obama is going to dump Joe "the gaffer" Biden for Secretary of State Hilliary "I love pantsuits" Clinton.

Now playing on the Obama Social Engineerng Channel; as well as CNN Comedy network that women all across the entire universe known to man just hate Mitt Romney. My God, just what our nation does not need. Either a Clinton or Bush anywhere near the Oval office, ever again.

Do people not learn from history and merely repeat their voting errors, over and over again? It will be our national luck Hillary will get another shot at reforming health care--especially considering Kate Sebelius, my old Kansas GOV nemesis is really now messing up HHS as head cheerleader for ObamaCare.

If I were Obama, I would get rid of Biden, Clinton, Sebelius and of course, Eric "I hate all of you" Holder, Jr., one of the worst AG's we have ever had in America.

Holder and Reno are in the same class of really rotten AG's'. But do not forget Nixon's AG Mitchell, and then there is Alberto Gonzales and John "Let the Eagles Soar" Ashcroft.

Isn't about time we actually got a good AG in America considering these past yahoo attonrey generals of the United States? Most Americans I am listening to want our nation's laws enforced-not politicized and selective enforcement of the law.

Here we have Obama directing his goon squads at DOJ taking it to levels that have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves. While concurrently we have the Secret Service associating with hookers.

All of this tells me one basic fact-Obama is not in charge of federal agencies-these federal agencies are out of control because Obama is too busy focused on fund-raising as a politician; instead of being and performing his duties as President of the United States.

Another Clinton or Bush in this nightmare being only one step away from running the White House again. No wonder I am having nightmares again. And I was wide awake when this nightmare hit.

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