Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scherer just dumped 140,000 into the campaign war chest

Hopefully, the local media outlets will take my campaign for US Congress as serious as I do, considering I just deposited 140 thousand into the campaign for Scherer for Congress.

And further, that is no phoney-baloney contribution-real cash-not some vague connection like many politicans do in their campaign reports to make them look better on paper.

I have asked the Federal Election Commission to tighten up campaign finance reports by making candidates for federal office prove what they claim in their reports are real dollars. Sadly, the FEC does not care about political corruption that much, due to understaffing. Which is why a candidate can just make stuff up. Ask some of the folks I ran against in 2010.

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Merely remember if I am elected to Congress, you the individual are my boss. PACS, Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups, sorry, but just go away. Americans are tired of the United PACS of America buying and corrupting our congressman and Senators. Our candidate is not for sale.

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