Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brokeass Nation Quandry: The Extreme Spectrum of War hawks vs. Social Engineering Compassionate Entitlements

Per the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), war hawks, and lead voodoo economist, Congressman Ryan our brokeass nation is and remains in a quandry about how to trim the federal spending outlays.  When politicians start giving stats related to budgets, balanced or unbalanced, deficits and surpluses, trade imbalances, the Federal Reserve's manipulations and the federal debt, most people get that glazed eye look. 

Below, I am trying to avoid as much as possible, giving numbers and percentages as much as possible. The war machine (one conservative extreme) insists Congress must reduce compassion meaning cutback entitlements (the other liberal extreme); but not defense spending in a biased argument to keep the war machine going-an unbalanced theory that also relies on zany theories along the line of trickle-down or voodoo economics. This is a black and white kind of theory most voters and I have to reject.

As a candidate for Congress, my job is to listen and arrive at a common sense balancing act in accord with the voters of the nation and my congressional district that is best for our nation domestically, locally in Florida and how both are federal government and we as a united nation are perceived at the international level. 

For example, are we as citizens of the United States known and regarded internationally as war mongerers; or instead are the American people a  nation of people that love all of  humanity?

We federal taxpayers can afford a balanced and compassionate entitlement program that includes programs containing "entitlements" such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security;  provided Congress brings about reductions in our war machine-DOD budget for starters.

 In prior blog posts, I have also addressed some solutions related to the 1635 federal subsidies and plenty of pork earmark projects giving away our federal tax dollars as merely part of the federal corruption going to special interest groups in greased bribes in return for campaign contributions to yahoo federal politicans as other sources of reducing federal spending using our federal tax revenue.

Then, many in this nation want a a simple to understand broad-based progressive income tax system to replace the current  imcomprehensible federal income tax system, along with all the loopholes for the rich buried in the Internal Revenue Tax Regulations.  Not to mention all the other tax schemes or artifices created by Congress to capture federal tax revenue in a long and steady shift to a federal consumption taxes like fuel and sin taxes. 

Generally, when federal yahoo politicians give their rhetoric about federal tax revenues, the incumbents only insist "hey, we yahoos kept our promise-we did not raise federal income taxes"; while conveniently omitting the fact that Congress merely raised one or more of the federal consumption taxes.

Naturally, federal consumption taxes are a regressive tax policy that benefits the rich.  The summation is the yahoo federal politicians are going to ensure sufficient federal tax receipts from many sources.  So to me, the solution is many and varied related to federal tax receipts necessary to balance U.S. federal spending without running up the national debt causing further net interest owed to be a bigger and bigger percentage of gross domestic product. 

CBO states pretty clearly since Obama has taken over, there has been a huge shift in the amount of 2008 expenditures of GDP on a percentage basis from   20.6 to 24.1% of GDP.  This huge increase in federal expenditures is quantum leap that is often referred to as being and is "unsustainable". 

Something has to be cut back to move expenditures by the federal government a lot closer to resemblence of a balanced federal budget. In this post, I am arguing our Congress can cut back on DOD spending and all this corruption  in the billions of dollars by stopping all this special interest money doled out in bribes to special interest groups.  This plan or theory I have also includes dramatic cutbacks in both federal subsidies  and earmarks.

In regard to federal tax policy, I agree there needs to be substantial tax reform that ensures our federal tax system remains progressive-not regressive.  Now cutting back on DOD spending and federal subsidies and pork tend to bring about other problems in our national economy in the short and long term.  But sadly, we have no other options since clearly, the US is one big brokeass nation. Sooner, rather than later, we or our progeny are all going to have to pay for it. 

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