Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What causes more anxiety-Isaac or GOP Convention?

Well, Isaac came a lot closer than I am to Tampa.  So, to me the answer is pretty clear.  Isaac.

I would write about my addressing my problems related to Isaac, but I just have a hard time spinning all the zany preparations I went through for my first close encounter with a hurricane-Isaac.  Tropical Storm Debbie recently was also my first.  So, heck that was nothing as compared my mind getting spun by Isaac.

I worked on my Isaac disaster plan from Wednesday until Sunday night when I secured my garage door getting ready for the 100 mph winds and the shaking glass in my home.  I had gas, an evacuation route, extra ice, packed bags, froze some ice in case I lost electric, etceteras.  I was certain with my creative and anxious mind, my home was going to get flooded.  Heck, end result-hardly any wind or rain.

I saw an author this morning on CBS that was talking about a book called Monkey Mind.  Now I feel relieved doing some background on this writer and his NY Times Bestseller.   The process he described is similar to mine.  He too understands doom and gloom mentality.

How one simple event like Isaac or the GOP convention can cause internal turmoil of epic and debilitation to one's monkey mind.  This presidential election is giving almost all of us monkey mind.  We have a presidential election with two yahoos neither of which inspire us with all their negativity. 

I have empathy with those in the Gulf states now having to deal with Isaac.  And further, lots of empathy with those that watch the GOP convention the next 3 days.  The horror of it all.


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