Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scary-Feds are getting ready for riots

The longer we as one nation continue to be divided, instead of united as one people in what we can all agree to, things continue to get scary. 

A friend told me about this early this morning after she heard it on conservative talk radio she relies upon. Apparently, federal agencies and I also presume state, county and local bureaucrats too, are getting ready ahead of time for riots and protests. This afternoon, I got this feed confirming what she stated earlier in the day:

See or click this warning including their source at

Now I have written the same scenario was going to happen several times over the last few years in various blog posts--predicting there is going to be blood in the streets.  It is little consolation however, if any of us get shot with a .357 hollow point bullet by the varied governments over some minor disagreement one, or many of us have with some of these zany bureaucrats and our yahoo politicians.

Things are getting serious. Typically, regular readers regardless of what country know I am not one of those alarmists.  But I am getting closer now.  These bureaucrats are getting their hollow points ready and wanting to take your 2nd Amendment rights away too, concurrently. But by clicking this link, there are also some clear clues ahead, regardless of who wins POTUS election. 

Social Security is getting lots of hollow point ammo?  Why? I know what that infers to me about next year.  Huge cutbacks to the poor who get vocal just to survive what is coming in 2013. With stuff like this, should a capitalist buy stock in companies that either sell ammo, or in fire truck manufacturers whom will be real busy selling a lot of equipment to fight fires from all the burning caused by the poor and shot rioters?  Or both?

In a simple prayer, can't we as a nation find some common ground to unite us and actually do something together that makes our nation better?  Apparently not-the governments are getting both desperate and ready to shoot. N

Naturally, they have more data than you and I. They might have bullets; but one thing they clearly do not have is leadership we trust, vision and a plan to implement it, hope and the direction and desire to making our lives and country better uniting and inspiring as one people, one nation, under God.

I have already recently written a no confidence vote in either presidential extremist candidate. As well as a recent post here on a grave futurist prediction millions will be dying related to some less than stellar leadership due to extreme right or left political social engineering in such areas as health care alone. Are we really going to have to wait until 2016 to get a centrist leader?  Appears so.

What are you going to do?  Get a bigger gun in some kind of zany spiral of anticipated civil war?  Die if you protest from one of their hollow points?  Be subjected to a police-state?  Riot and protest?  Even worse, succumb and give up and becoming slave labor to a huge central government?  Sounds bad now-and going forward things continue to get darker. 

Then just to cheer me up further, I get another feed dated Aug. 2nd on how the Federal Reserve is getting ready to release some more quantitative easing this fall by buying a half trillion in bonds including adding to the 2 trillion the Fed has bought recently in mortgage backed securities to insure the too big to fail banks from collapsing. Here is that link at

Just great.  Not.  Get ready-they certainly are.  All of these yahoos in DC including the Fed continue to refuse to raise interest rates from all this artificially low rates.  Which I have argued is a big problem preventing an sustainable economic recovery-zero to near zero artificially low interest rates. 

I mean, just think about the Federal Reserve-they announce it over and over-artificial-fake-close as you can get to zero.  They just fail to be transparent what exactly are "artificial" interest rates. Much less explain the rationale to the rest of us explaining clearly why a thing like artificial or zero interest rate is somehow justifiable in the national interest; while also explaining somehow that kind of nonsense is good for most of us.

Further, the evidence is clear and overwhelming Federal Reserve policy is not working.  Working at what is a better question.  Few jobs, the economy is in the tank, we are on a fiscal cliff punting away common sense monetary and fiscal policy.

Particularly so when most of us cannot get a thin dime loan for a cheap cup of coffee from our too big to fail banking system we the taxpayers had to bail out causing the value of our homes to collapse. But hey, there is good news-internationals can keep buying our domestic corporations, commercial and residential property and businesses still left, from the rest of us.

In satire, soon it will be McChina burgers and the China PowerMac i-phone at your work station to match all the clothing you wear with a clothing label stating "Made in China" you bought from your neighborhood China-Walmart.   

While in the meantime, that same banking system keeps gouging the few of us left that still have bank accounts, always coming up with new schemes charging us outrageous fees to just handle the small amount of money the few fortunate may have left.

Click that link thing above.  Things nationally are going from bad to gravely bad, time to  pray for God to help our nation.  We now need a lot of divine intervention. I really doubt if  God, Jesus or even the angels will even help now. 

They have to worry about getting shot too. 

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