Friday, August 31, 2012

Onward to the Dem Convention

Romney's tag line-we deserve better.  That, most of us agree.  However, many question whether Mitt is better.  He failed to convince most of us that last night.  What I find worth noting is how the GOP party appears to be using their convention to give high profile Gen X politicians plenty of exposure going forward.

Having been in both parties, I noted how the GOP party was far better at grooming candidates for the future.  The Dem Party consistently fails to groom future candidates.  For example, name a few rising high profile democrats and their suggestions related to making our nation better.  I cannot honestly think of any.  Maybe the Dem party spends most of their time focused on incumbents and trying to keep them in office.  Well, that kind of strategy is short term-not long term. 

Now it is the Dem Convention.  Hopefully, they will do what Romney and the GOP did not do-give us some kind of specific details on some kind of economic recovery plan.  But, being realistic, I suspect neither party machine really has any solutions they will implement other than austerity measures relatively soon.  It does not take a rocket scientist to understand our federal government is a huge and divided mess leaving us citizens uncertain about the next few years. 

After the Dem convention, maybe then the Presidential candidates will start laying out with some specificity exactly what they will do, post-election.  Some of us are wondering about what Obama will do on the VP pick-is he going to keep Biden in place?  Realistically, I doubt to see much more than a lot of rhetoric as both candidates have few solutions.  Since Obama will clearly do better in debates than Romney, as stated months ago, it really remains more likely Obama will be re-elected. 

Some of the recent economic indicators seem to make it appear QE3 will not happen until our nation needs it later.  There is some stuff that is going to happen in October and this delay related to the fiscal cliff is going to have to be addressed before the end of the year.  2013 continues to indicate to me, we are all going to take a hit of some kind in 2013.  So, kindly and humbly I suggest to get ready for austerity measures and some pretty quantum changes politically, national to the local level. 

Someone has to pay for this mess. I suspect all of us will be relatively soon.

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