Sunday, August 12, 2012


Both POTUS candidates are extreme left or right in 2012.  We have no political center to pick from in 2012.  Romney's pick yesterday of Congressman Ryan as his VP made this obvious yesterday.  Romney's VP pick clearly puts his campaign to the far conservative right.

Romney clearly wants to gut entitlements which should make many of the senior block switch their votes to Obama.  Romney made this pick hoping to improve polling numbers.  His pick will backfire soon enough because it does not expand his base and in fact, alienates some of his voters like senior citizens.  Further, most of us realize the Presidential debates favor tax and spend Democratic Obama.

Ryan can certainly give a better speech than Romney. I liked what Ryan stated regarding how we as a nation have to see problems as merely opportunities to solve many issues we are divided upon.  All politicans should be clearly stating what solutions do they support; rather than merely echo what the problems are.  Anyone can make a huge list of problems we face as nation.

A leader and the person we want to elect to be President will, or should be demonstrating confidence that their offered solutions will demonstrate their understanding of what are the highest priority solutions we face as a nation. By doing so, they can unite, inspire and give us hope their proposed changes will give us hope they might work. This election cycle continues to show to date neither candidate is inspiring or uniting us.

Romney has his voodoo economic free market vision that favors the rich and corporations.  Obama's redistribution and raise taxes kind of theories really are not sustainable and to date, have done very little other than to scare most of us as we move closer to jumping off an economic fiscal cliff of sanity related to our national debit and balancing the federal budget.

When this happens, the voters will merely go to that second tier level and vote against the candidate a voter believes will cause less harm, instead of voting for them.  Or, the third tier, disgust with both and not vote at all in cynicism and apathy. I am considering moving to a new tier-I do not want to have to take responsibilty when voters ask me, who did I vote for in 2012 because I am not cynical or apathetic.  I am just not inspired by either candidate.

Therefore, since Obama certainly appears to have the 2012 election to his favor, I merely wonder what will happen the next four years politically.  Obama does not discuss his plans or solutions to high priorty issues over the next four years. 

So, it appears Obama is not adapting or changing his policies, we can merely expect more of the same Obama theories after the election.  More taxes and more spending in left wing social engineering hoping for more quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve. 

If we all really want to solve our national economic problems quicker, the Federal Reserve should merely raise interest rates. By raising interest rates, the economy will take off ensuring a quicker economic recovery.  The downside is more foreclosures and inflation. It seems the only reason the Federal Reserve is not raising interest rates to stimulate the economy is because by resorting to artificial interest rates benefit the national goverment, instead of benefiting we the people. 

The positives of raising interest rates is more than the negatives.  Until we get investment in the form of money and capital flowing again, the economy will remain stagnant; or applied to Obama, worse in national debt.  Clearly, Congress is not walking their talk either-there has been no major reduction in federal spending either.  As more and more of us in this nation move into poverty class dependent upon a central government entitlements. 

Since Obama will not have to pander the democratic base anymore, maybe he can switch his policies to do what is best for our nation, and all of us finally becoming a leader. There is a simple solution to our economy recovery.  Demand the Federal Reserve raise interest rates. 

It is impossible to have a sustainable economic recovery when only a select few have access to the capital markets. With these artificially low interest rates, those with capital, do not want to loan money to consumers.  Without consumption, there is no possibility of any sustainable economic recovery.

Or, expect this downward trending slope of economic things will continue to get worse and worse, the longer these rates remain artificially low.   This is merely my vision of a solution that will give us hope.    

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