Sunday, September 2, 2012

American Twilight Zone

This uneasiness many of feel and live can aptly be called our American Twilight Zone.  We are at that point where most of us realize the bright and sunny day is descending into the long and lonely darkness.  Like you, I understand why. 

Harder, it is difficult to pinpoint our progression and causation as our national clock slowly moved our nation into this American Twilight Zone. Clearly, this clock took decades of progressive socialism.  Nor can we merely blame our past, current, or future batch of yahoo politicians alone.  In several prior posts, clearly it always far easier to cast the finger of blame outward, instead of inward towards ourselves.

It is always easy for an individual or group of individuals to blame this political group or generation for your own unique situation. Blaming someone, or some entity does not solve much of anything and merely keeps us divided along the lines of our own personal self-interest.  While we remain divided, then federally, things will be shoved down your throat as we move closer to a police-state nation.

I have clearly written this clock started historically clear back to the Great Depression and FDR's progressive socialism movement.  We as a nation continued progressive compassion with an undue reliance on a national or central government continously moving away from individual responsibility. Welcome aboard this slow flight into and past the the American Twilight Zone. 

Our politicians no longer discuss solutions-instead, we get flowery rhetoric lacking any specifics.  That is a big warning sign the darkness is coming.  The current presidential election only matters on how dark it is going to get as we are clearly a broke-ass nation based on fiscal and monetary policies.  All that matters really is how many hours are we as a nation going to stay on the backside of a Twilight Zone descending rapidly into darkness.

The Federal Reserve Bank's use of artificial interest rates is about as clear a sign as one needs.  I have written about this several times over the last few years. In fact, artificial interest rates are causing several things related to capital markets, investment,  jobs, little consumption and no economic recovery.  There is one good reason why-the American Twilight Zone has transformed us into this broke-ass nation.

When we cannot unite on solutions, then those in power will tell us what is their solution.  Whether you like it or not.  Welcome to the dark side of the American Twilight Zone.



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