Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Uncivil Nation

Yesterday,  a reporter interrupted the President's policy announcement on policy changes on immigration policy.  Some today are writing about whether the polar political extremes are causing us including reporters to become uncivil.  When we look back, that is merely another tipping point as America has few options but to go through except  a long and gloomy period of austerity lacking an effective leader that can unite and lead us as a nation in the 2012 election.

Even Obama is showing the politician frustration and stress realizing even as POTUS, Obama cannot fix all the problems we face as a nation. As Obama walked back into the White House yesterday, I sensed his anger and frustration. I am pretty certain Obama at that moment would just like to quit being POTUS.

 Looking back, we as a nation failed to take the right steps for an economic recovery as I suggested right after Obama became President trying to reverse the damage caused by the Bush administration.

Regardless, federal tax dollars are, and were wasted on maintaining wars, as well as on maintaining the status quo in governments; while rescuing too big to fail industries all across the nation. All of which is now causing most of us huge financial pain and divisiveness as the citizens of this nation are the only hope to pay for any recovery

In retrospect, I am presuming generously that  both Bush and Obama tried the best they could trying to  lead our nation, given the circumstances they were facing. But, both clearly failed to unite and lead us as a nation. Naturally, governments will do whatever it takes to maintain their power structure as many in a nation talk about and want a complete revolution.  It seems there may be no leader that even exists, that can or will be able to save and unite us in 2012

Further, the more uncivil our nation becomes due to polar political extremism, the more likely our nation is moving and making plans to implement a police-state that will have to occur after a wave of civil unrest and protests leading to riots that can be anticipated-especially so when austerity measures are required and implemented.

Austerity measures will play out just as they are in the Middle East and in Europe.  We have to face some reality here-in America, and elsewhere as we are dealing with a dire post industrial economic depression and collapse not only in America, but other countries in the world just like us, most of us have had to endure. Much of our dismal outlook is due to decades of too much reliance by far too many on governments in our selfish self-interest leading to creeping socialism that has been going on for decades.

How can any of remain optimistic when so much as at stake and there remains so many problems politicians cannot fix-instead, all we have is this political blame game as each special interest tries to hang onto those things that are important to their group; in direct contradiction to what is best for all of us as a broke ass nation?

Polar political extremism is and will be nothing more than a redistribution of the remaining wealth that can be produced-Class warfare will accelerate leading to political upheaval, riots and the worst of all scenarios, revolution and a completely different means of government-rhetorically, where are we headed as a nation-a police-state as I fear, or a dictatorship?

It makes sense during the waning stages of the collapse of any industrial nation to see polar political extremism as the haves and the have-nots struggle to keep what they want in their own self-interest. Just as Karl Marx predicted would happen to a capitalist nation. So things look pretty bleak, and that is just the start of what we are going to have to deal with.  We have to remember to do the same things as they did during the Great Depression.

We will have, or already are returning to where we have to rely on each other .  Families will become more important again-divorces rare.  And when that does not work, all we have left is the hope of religion to guide and aid us as we try to survive what is soon going to be our dismal economic and political reality. I hope that I am just being a pessimist. I just do not see our nation uniting for quite a few years and 2012 does not look encouraging.

What seems like important political and social issues today, whether that be unlawful immigration or same sex marriages will become far  less important politically as many of us will be more focused as we struggle together  to merely survive the upcoming global depression and inflation; while concurrently having to endure civil unrest and incivility as national, state and local  governments attempt to maintain control and power as we melt into a police-state here in America and elsewhere.

Governments have and will always have the most power in a nation and the individual that does not like them, has few viable options in dealing with them independently. Our only hope is we as a nation of individuals are going to have to agree to accept options that are in the best interest of all of us.  And many do not like options like austerity and higher taxes.  Do we really have a choice here in America?  We have choices, none of which are going to unite us.  Divided we will stay as nation.

If you are anxious and worried right now about both are nation's future and your own, like many Americans, your sole consolation is that you are not alone. Sometimes, dire circumstances as we are facing as a nation of individuals divided, warrant such pessimism. If we cannot unite as a nation, the only option is the government powers will prevail and tell you what to do.  Which defines a police-state.

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