Saturday, June 30, 2012

Admission: I was wrong about SCOTUS on both ObamaCare and Immigration Decisions, sadly

I erred sadly about how I thought SCOTUS would decide both ObamaCare and Arizona HB 1070 as being best left with each state sovereign. I have waited to read with the reaction by other pundits and bloggers like myself see going forward after SCOTUS wrapped up their cases this year.

The only thought on why most of the justices at SCOTUS did not rule in favor of the soverignity of the several states as promised by our US Constitution dismays me as much as many other Americans. 

All I can figure Chief Justice Roberts betrayed we the people; choosing instead to favor the federal government over being more important than the rights of individuals and the several states sovereignity and concurrent upholding and enforcement of the law.

I am pretty certain Roberts in casting his swing vote did what he thought was best, somehow; but clearly it was a stretch of the imagination; as well as a twisting distortion far outside the reach of our United States Constitution as intended by our founding fathers.

Roberts swing vote (betrayal) really surprised many of us. Now we have to deal with the aftermath of the federal government not enforcing unlawful immigration, nor can the states control unlawful immigration even within their state borders. Even worse then that, the federal government taxing us by taking over the health care and insurance industry. 

This decision seems to only take us further into forced socialized medicine. I am anticipating many entities such as corporations and small businesses will get rid of their health benefits as a cost saving measure forcing most of the people in this nation into a federally controlled and forced upon us, a socialized health care system.

I also see socialized medicine being a fix benefitting state goverments as well from their responsibillities to the citizens of the several states. In effect, Obamacare is good for governments and some corporations; contrasted to only being bad for many individuals-we the people.  It is a twisting of the Constitution in its worst form.

Who knows what we all are forced to buy next, or get taxes upon. With Obamacare now ok, will Obama go back and try to tax the air we breathe again as an indirect tax?

Nor will adding 50 million people to be taxed by being forced into socialized medicine be of any benefit most Americans.  It will lead to further increases in costs to all of us.  If you review whom benefits the most, it is the federal and state governments, the health care industry, and drug and insurance companies. 

But none of it will benefit most individuals.  It will leave us with a socialized and rationed health care system the federal government controls and forces upon us citizens. Naturally the upper class will be able to stay outside the bounds of socialized medicine for a while, until their wealth is gone also.

Neither decision was a good one for Americans.  It was only good for governments and corporate-entities.  Slowly, America is losing the purpose of our constitutional focus on the individual as being key to our nation.

To end this post being short, I am saddened at what is happening to our nation. 

And it appears I am not alone.  So, there is a positive side to these SCOTUS decisions.  We citizens are starting to unite and beginning to realize the real problem and major issue in our nation is not jobs this election cycle-the No. 1 issue we face together is the way we are governed.  We, the people have to unite on common ground realizing the real threat to our national security is big government and special interest groups including lobbyists for both corporations and the rich.

The class war merely continues and we the people have a duty to take control over control again over our own well-being and those institutions whose self-interest is contrary to the strengths of our nation that still resides with the individual starting now.

This is going to take all of us to unite and restructure how we are governed. It is going to take a while.  And it appears the mood will get worse before it gets better.  Sadly, it appears a major revolution is brewing out here among, we the people.

Which reminds me again of what are duty is, as clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence is, when any branch of our federal government betrays we, the people.  Our duty going forward is unify as the people and restore our individual rights and freedoms by replacing any failed branch of the federal government.

 It is our sacred duty to unite and proceed. It is merely a matter of time as we all are just waiting for a true leader to lead us, remembering what our founding fathers wrote long ago.  Even if that requires the drastic steps of a major revolution as anticipated might happen by our founding fathers.

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