Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am endorsing Goss for Congress

Thursday, I sent an endorsement to Goss believing like most politicial insiders and some of the media he is the best candidate for Florida's 19th Congressional seat.  Having talked to Mr. Goss and to the other candidates, he seems the best of the bunch.

As a Floridian I too want the best candidate elected to be my congressman.  Some of the other candidates may have more money, or more spin, rhetoric and slogans; but only Goss stands above the rest in understanding the issues, the potential solutions and why many of these solutions are not being implemented in Washington due to partisian politics.

Some claim Goss is a Washington insider due to his father.  I see that as a positive and may explain why Goss understands the political realities we are going to have to deal with after the 2012 elections. I have also reviewed his financial disclosure report filed with the Clerk of the House.  I understand Goss is far from being poor-he is well off or rich. 

However, he listens well and seems to understand the problems of all and it is my hope if he is elected, he remembers all when it comes to legislation. Goss is soft spoken and concise during the events I have attended.  So, he is not a loose cannon by any means.

 I am pretty certain and remain optimistically confident he has the depth and understand of politics better than any of the other candidates. He does not engage in political rhetoric and is honest when discussing issues about what he believes.  Nor is Goss cynical, apathetic or a big complainer always staying grounded in a practical manner about what we need to do both as a nation and politically.

I did address with Goss's campaign manager the few parts of Goss that I do not agree with-such as ultra conservative cutbacks in entitlement programs that would deeply hurt the poor and the middle class by Paul Ryan.  I understand and have read Ryan's plans who Goss is associated and worked with.  Ryan's proposals are too draconian and lacking empathy and compassion for many in America. Goss' s campaign manager assures me Goss understands the reality of the poor and middle class also.  I even volunteered to help their campaign starting with this endorsement.

I also do not think Goss is one of those special interest candidates that will focus on behalf of a few special interest groups. Since being a candidate for so long, I always try to vet out the dirty hands kind of candidate campaigning based on a special interest group.  And there are always a few of these dirty candidates for some special interest group or industry every congressional campaign I have been in to date including this campaign here in the 19th District.

So overall, like some in the media and some of the other congressional candidates seem to believe Goss remains the best choice to be our next United States Congressman.

I concur. I will be voting for Goss. Equally, I have empathy for whomever is elected in November to be our next congressman.  It will not be an easy job and I am really glad it is not me.  I really did not want the job considering today's political climate. 

So, whomever is elected, I will remember they are a human being trying their best to do what is needed for the people of this nation including Florida and our congressional district.  Jobs remain the No. 1 priority in America and hopefully in Florida and this congressional district, we continue to develop job diversity to weather future economic cycles. 

In conclusion, I remain concerned about our country post-election.  We have so many problems, we need to be united and realistic in what one congressman can really get down, considering all three of our federal government branches seems about as divided as we, the people are on many political fronts. 

I too hope someday, we get a Presidential leader that can unite us as one nation.  I do not see that happening with either Obama or Romney, sadly.  Nor did I see any one presidential candidate or any incumbent politician that seems to have the right stuff to unite us as one nation again

Hold on.  2012-2016 is going to be very difficult times for our nation with few encouraging options available. But doing things as usual in Washington and elsewhere is no longer a viable option in the short or in the long term.  Change is coming and hopefully that change does not further divide as one people, and as one nation in some kind of internal class warfare and rioting as I fear.

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