Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We are dealing with both a divided nation and a divided federal government

Here we are as a divided nation on many issues at the polar extreme level.  Furthermore, the three branches of our federal government appear to be equally divided in political partisanship with both major parties refusing to compromise on much of anything other than agreeing on changing names of post offices being one fifth of the legislation passed in Congress.

The executive and legislative branch clearly are warring with each other.  And then we have the judicial branch not agreeing with the executive branch on several major issues like Obamacare and Immigration.

I considered this deep division in my congressional campaign and suggested applying sand box rules-take turns.  Until we can get our elected officials to play fair, we continue to move towards that fiscal cliff.  Seems to me we have to address what happens when the three branches of the federal government refuse to work together to unite our nation.

Fixing a divided federal government remains the root cause that needs to be addressed.  And no one in the federal government will compromise with their polar extreme.  So we remain a divided nation when what we really need is a united country and federal government.  And until those in the three branches of the federal government start doing what is best for our nation via turns or compromising, we remain getting closer to going way past the fiscal cliff into a deep abyss called major depression. 

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