Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thinking of Mom's All Over America-Happy Mom Day

First, Happy Mothers Day to those fortunate to have one.  Or to those who have a surrogate mother. 

Second, lots have happened and due to limited internet access, very hard to list everything that has happened since the last essay blog post.

But let me give a brief update:

1. Met with Sarah Palin for a photo sesssion.  If she is elected POTUS, she assures me a post in her administration.  Sarah was cool.  As was her husband Todd.  Whevever I go, everyone has an opinion related to her.  Some good, some unfavorable.

2.  On April 30, on behalf of all Kansas homeowers, I argued my case before the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.   None of the 3 judges would answer a simple question I asked. 

Is COTA a court of law?  None of the three judges would answer this simple but basic question.  Unbelievable. 

If the judges do not know, maybe I will probably have to ask the Kansas Court of Appeals what they think of COTA and it's horrible creation by Senator Tim Owens sponsoring this unconstitutional court of something even the judges at BOTA are uncertain of.

 Further, the court quashed my subpoenas one day before the trial.  Therefore, I now have preserved 6 appeals to date for the Kansas Court of Appeals and further down the road, what will be my 10th Case to take to the United States Supreme Court justices.  Good.

3.  I still have to finish my quarterly report with the Federal Election Commission to make certain they and you know I am running against Moore rhetoric's wife No. 3, Stephanie.  Now Stephanie is very good nurse from what I hear. And she should campaign for something related to nursing.  But not for a job being your congressman.  That would merely result in her husband having his wife be his proxy without Dennis having to do squat.

4.  Now that I am running as a Dem, the only GOP candidate I noted running for the right reasons was Dan Gilyeat.  Yoder is obviously corrupt.  I hope I get to face him in the general since he was too much a coward to debate me in an open forum.

5.  I am here in Kansas City at my new address in Prairie Village. Today, I am negotiating an office building with one of my staffers so I better go do that.


tdus, the best candidate for United States Congress

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