Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Men and Trucks in Kansas

Someone asked me what was the most common vehicle in KansasWell, like most of America, it is a truck. 

There are all kinds of trucks.  Just as there all all kinds of truck drivers.  Most are men.  Although there are many female truck drivers also.  We are so dependent on trucks in America.  Thank God we have lots of truck drivers.

They drive their office.  Many spend more time in their trucks than they do at their homes with their familes. 

Our family has a long love affair with trucks.  My dad was a truck driver for Pillsbury.  He died while in his truck.  I often think my dad was happy driving a truck.  The only time you have to see your boss is when you start working and when you are done working.  Bosses being around too much is annoying.  Truckers are cowboys.  We need a lot of cowboys in America.

 We are so dependent as a society on men driving trucks.  So as a congressman, how could I forget about men and trucks?  They are important to our economy, our agriculture, our households and our national security.  These cowboys need good roads to do stuff for us.  They deserve our respect and gratitude.

Some in the Scherer family work and live in trucks.  My son Jacob does as a mining engineer in Texas. They use great big trucks to haul rock. Scherer Trucking Co. in Parkville MO was owned by my second cousin.  My uncle ran a truck transport company.  I had a Ford F-150 with a camper shell that I miss.  I could haul sheetrock one day and hook up a bass boat the next day.  I gave that truck to my son for doing well in college.  He earned that truck.

I miss my truck.  I want to get me some kind of truck or utility vehicle like a truck.  I want to travel in that truck and see a lot of America.  At 56, I want to see things that make America a great nation.  I love my country.  It is merely our governments most of us dislike.  Our governments federal to local are out of control.  They are taxing the heck out of us.  That needs to be stopped so our economy can recover. 

Then, there are the bikers, law enforcement, bus drivers, and many others that work in the transportation industry. We all are dependent on a  good national infrastructure. For them to safely do their jobs of bringing stuff to us. And by God, we need a good infrastructure in America. 

That includes bridges and roads.  So men in their trucks can do stuff for all of us.  Thanks to all those in the transportation industry.  We need trucks and truck drivers to haul miltary equipment in times of war. How can we fight a war without a good truck?  How can we can defend America without trucks? 

We are very dependent on men and their trucks. If you see me out here in the campaign trail, and I wave to you, that means thanks.  Honk your horn if you want.  I liked that as a kid and still do as an adult.  So honk at this dude every once in a while.  I get it.

Transportation is key to our economic recovery.  With this congressional candidate, transportation will have a friend in Congress.  So all you men and your trucks, ask yourself a simple question.  Does Moore'swife drive a truck?  I do not think so.  If not, why would you vote for her?  Beats me. 

Beats me what she is bringing to the table but Moore rhetoric.  More NAFTA and CAFTA crap.  Just like her husband did shipping jobs all over the world, ignoring America and our national infrastructure for far too long.


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