Friday, April 16, 2010

Yes Scherer is now the favored DEM Party Congressional Candidate to ensure no moore rhetoric, Part II

Yes, Scherer once again after a brief period is now back as a Democratic Candidate for United States Congress.  My goal is simple.

After having to endure moore rhetoric than most of us can tolerate, I like the odds of running against moore or less, part II of Moore rhetoric. So,  by merely checking with the FEC, you might notice I switched from the GOP candidate to the Dem Candidate for United States Congress.

 From the very beginning, at the bottom of this blog, I stated party affiliation is not what is important to a statesman.  Love of our country comes first including the individuals who are in charge of it. 

I am really a hybrid stateman, taking the best of all political ideas regardless of party affiliation that I have heard to make our country a better nation.  So, I took ideas that the consensus of most of you stated you wanted from your next congressman.  Clearly, without any doubt, I am listening and understanding what most voters want and expect from their next congressman. 

Balancing fiscal policy, smaller governments, less taxes, less war (if any), better education not based on money, but accountablity. (In  Florida for example, they are discussing legislation to do away with tenure which is an interesting idea). And the biggest consensus, bring jobs back to America and rebuild America.  Return to following the United States Constitution as written, but not followed by far too many political hacks.  It is time we the people take back control of our governments.  And I promise that is what I am going to be so happy when we remind those in Washington and in Topeka, we are in charge.

We the people.  And when they ignore we the people, we fire them and hire new people.  Like Scherer. I will be returning home shortly to Kansas.  Good.  I miss a lot of you.  Later.


ENDNOTE: My April campaign finance report will be available shortly.  Both the FEC analyst and I agreed to do it later next week due to some kind of software glitch.  The numbers will be ok.  This election is not about who has the most money.  I could care less if Yoder has 500k or 500 million.  He is not the better candidate for YOUR United States Congress.  He is merely the candidate that is greased the most with campaign bribes from special interests.

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