Friday, May 21, 2010

Admitting Mistakes and Having Regrets

Ok, mistakes and regrets in life.  One at a time. 

I was in a discussion today listening to some feedback related to admitting mistakes.  Now in law school and in typical political nonsense by most yahoos, the general rule is admit to some trivial mistake and flip the coin in spinning a trivial mistake into why that mistake is really a positive.  The listener disagreed.  And I agree with her logic.

Her logic is by admitting mistakes in one's life does several things.  First, it makes me human.  Second, admitting to mistakes means a wise person has learned from their past experiences and by that admission, one tends to not  repeat that mistake. 

So yes, I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.  Yes,  even worse, I am really just like you-a human.  Maybe admitting tomistakes makes me even more qualified than most of those other yahoos campaigning.  I have made lots of mistakes, some whoppers.  But, unlike these other more perfect rhetorical politicans, I am humble enough to recognize my ability to admit having erred. 

Today was a good day.  I did not make too many mistakes.  Or, if  I did, no one  pointed these mistakes out.  So, if I can admit to my humble errors from the  past . . . well, that  makes me a human. 

Some of my biggest mistakes are smoking for way too long, cursing, and many other mistakes far too numerous.  Now cigarette smoking is both pure and costly evil addiction that I have tried to quit nine times.   I quit smoking the longest for over a year,  So to me, smoking is hard to quit. 

Drinking and quitting booze (generally Coors beer) was easy by comparison,  I quit drinking when I was thirty with a support group.  I merely took what I learned in that support group and applied what some of the  masters told me what should be done to attain the 12 promises.

Finally, regrets.  If you have no regrets in your life, keep trying.  I read a quote in some paper that a life without regrets means one has not tried hard enough.. So, I have regrets also.

 Now another individual named Stephene Moore is going to be having regrets around August 2010.  I hope so.  So, to the friends of Stephanie when she knock on  your door, bugging you, ask her what her mistakes in life have been.  I wonder if she regrets marrying Dennis Moore, or alternatively, running for Congress the most.

Well, being brief tonight.  I am exhausted from working on the campaign HQ building.  More later.

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