Thursday, May 13, 2010

Invitation to Stephene Moore-Debate Any Time, Any Where, Any Day!

Kevin Yoder refused to debate me on issues.  After yesterday's interview with the Lawrence newspaper, I was called today by the Johnson County Sun writer, Mr. Kurtz-a reporter that actually writes facts.  Mr. Kurtz asked me if I would be willing to debate Stephene Moore.  Heck yes.

Anytime, anywhere, at any hour, on any day.  I do not think Moore's wife will debate me on issues.  Even if her husband would be the moderator.

Go ahead Stephene.  Give me a call at (913) 403-8584.  If you have the courage to jump into the frying pan of congressional politics, let's all see where you stand on issues. 

It is hammer time.  I will be nice to Stephene because she is a nurse.  And she will probably stay a nurse.  I am pretty certain the voters of the 3rd have had enough of Moore rhetoric. Most voters do not want moore of the same, by proxy or Moore rhetoric, part II. 

Merely look at the name of her campaign committee-Friends of Stephene Moore

So, Dennis wanted to drop out so he could spend more time with his grandkids.  I guess he must not want to spend moore time with his wife. Or Stephene must not want to be around Dennis. 

Now what if you are not one of Stephene's friends? What is you don't even know Stephene at all? Further, why is Stephene only running to be the congressman for her friends? 

Where does that leave you, if  you are not one of her friends?  She might as well drop out now if she cannot even come up with a good name for her congressional committee. What makes you think she could make wise decisions as your congressman? 

Why would you vote for her then?  We are not.

Unlike Stephene, I am running for Congress for all people of the 3rd District, voter and non-voter.  Even those who do not like me.  I am running for all the American people.  I see a congressman as the representative of the nation; not just his congressional district.

Sure, only people that are registered to vote in the 3rd District are the electors.  But after being elected, my vote affects the nation, Kansas and the 3rd District.  As well as  my vote on some piece of legislation may have an impact internationally or locally, as well.  But Stephene just cares about her friends. 

We do not want cap and trade, national health care mandates, NAFTA and CAFTA agreements or alleging to be a fiscally conservative blue dog democrat, until the Democrats are the majority party.  We saw how that worked out. 

Stephene should drop out now.  Why be embarressed during the primary?

But I thank her.  I would rather run against her and get warmed up for the general election against Yoder. 

I am going to start now putting together my congressional staff.  If you are interested in making America a better place, that really is fiscally conservative, contact Thomas E. Scherer at or call me at (913) 403-8584. I am listening to all as a stateman-not just my friends. 


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