Monday, May 10, 2010

News and Stuff

Ok.  Stuff for today. 

Having returned from Florida to campaign has been completed.  Being wired at all times and connected to the inet has been difficult because there are so many things that need done and people to see.  So, stay tuned as I try to give more updates now that I was wired to a network. I argued the tax case on April 30 for all homeowners in Kansas.  An  order will be written soon that I will have to take to the Kansas Court of Appeals.  I know the COTA is not going to decide they are unconstitutional.  So, I will have to ask a real court of law to determine that based on our Kansas Constitution. 

I leased a congressional office space in Merriam, Kansas Friday at 5935 Merriam Lane.  That office will soon be having regular hours so you can drop by and tell me what you want me to do as a candidate for United States Congress.  Remember, I am trying to get a job and you are kind of my boss.  You tell me what to do.

Saturday, I missed being on Dan Leap's Parade float.  However, I did attend Mission Days.  At Mission Days, I met quite a few people.   Some were very interesting.  I met a 13 year old artist.  And purchased a book written by a 10 year old.  How cool.  Fellow artists and writers.  There were many.  I met one lady that I am going to write about.  She embroiders cloth on shirts and towels.  I am going to write about her.  She was very interesting and shows the kind of business mode that I like and will support.  More on this later.

This weekend is the Turkey Creek festival.  So, I will be walking around at that event.

I had a nice Mom Day yesterday.  My mom is 83 and lives in Atchison, Kansas.  She has some dementia which makes it difficult her both of us.  We deal with that on a daily basis.  My sister, brother and I got her a smoker I had to assemble yesterday.  I was fortunate.  It worked and I only had one part left over.  Grilled some big steaks, ate too many baked beans and had a very good Mom Day.

Soon, I am going to write an essay related to men who live in trucks most of the day.  Someone asked me what the most common vehicle is in Kansas.  It has to be a truck.  So, now we are going to focus on getting the male vote.  Later. 


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