Monday, February 7, 2011

United States Senators Only Work 3 days a week? WTF?

After attending Senator Rubio's speech Friday, I remember him talking about his plans to be in Florida every Monday and Friday. Which makes me ask why?  Do all US Senators only work in Washington Tuesday through Thursday?  WTF? 

No wonder our Senators and Congressmen are not taking care of our business.  They only work 3 days per week in Washington.  Maybe they ought to get a regular job and work every day of the work week like the rest of us. 

Not only do our US Senators and Congressmen work only part of the time in DC, they still get paid full time  regardless of how much time they actually spend in DC taking care of our business. 

So ask your United Senator or Congressman, how much time do they actually spend in Washington taking care of our business.

 We are paying them a lot of money and it  appears one of the reasons not much is happening in DC is because US Senators and Congressmen are merely part-time employees with a full time salary paid for by we, the people.

Now Senator Rubio states he is going to fly home after working 3 days a week. Naturally, we pay for his travel every weekend.  Maybe he should stay in Washington and do his job there.  We elected him to work in Washington instead of Florida. 

So maybe we ought to tell him to stay in Washington instead of only working 3 days a week and flying home every weekend.

No wonder our country is a broke-ass nation.  Our elected officials including Senators and Congressmen only work part-time at their job site 3 days a week and that is only when the Senate and Congress is in session.

WTF?  No wonder Americans dislike politicians.  They only work part of the time.  What our founding fathers think about Senators and Congressmen only working 3 days a week? 

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