Friday, February 18, 2011

It is starting to look like Egypt!

Boy, what a good week. 

Some of the tea party candidates are keeping their promises.  Federal and state.  Like in  Florida (Gov. Scott rejecting federal funds for high speed rail that private corporations should be paying for; instead of the taxpayers), Wisconsin  (Gov. Walker for cutting the education budget related to administrative costs for a horrible educational system)  and then Texas (Can't remember but it was a good thing).

And then CNN is talking about some of the tea party elected sleeping in their offices up on Capital Hill.  Good for them.  They are supposed to be working there.  If they sleep there, good for them.  That is what I call a fiscal conservative.

Now if we get rid of the rest of these fat cat yahoos in federal and state governments, maybe we will have not have to overthrow all these stupid big brother governments intent on wasting our tax dollars to merely benefit their cronies. 


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