Monday, February 21, 2011

Go Wisconsin GOV-Unions and Teachers Can Kiss My Ass

Having been one of the few congressional candidates in Kansas, that was a card-carrying union member that has been on strike and walked the picket line, I used to be very pro-labor.  Until I ran for United States Congress and had to deal with union officials nonsense and their clear attempts to bribe congressman that were anti-union with political contribtions.

Merely check out Dennis Moore's bribes from all the unions.  Moore would take the union bribes and then voted for both NAFTA and CAFTA screwing the unions out of jobs. And then all the bribes to his wife Stephanie Moore, who got creamed in the general election in 2010. 

Was her and her husband ever in a union?  Nope.  But they were in the union pocket due to all the campaign bribes.  Not too smart for union leaders.  I am certain they have a few regrets now that the GOP controls the congressional seat.

So, now it is my turn as a union brother, to clearly state unions including the teachers union can now kiss my ass.  If any union member voted for me, despite your union leadership, I am grateful.  Maybe as a union member, you might want to get rid of some of your union leaders that consistently supported a  congressman and his wife that consistently voted against the brothers and sisters that built America. 


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