Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet with Senator Rubio

Today, I went, met and briefly spoke to Senator Marco Rubio, the newly-elected Senator from Florida, a darling of the GOP and sometimes mentioned as a possible VP pick in 2012.  Too early to even consider Rubio for any VP slot. Maybe we ought to wait and see how he does as a United States Senator first.

Regardless, this political event was hosted by the Naples Area Board of Realtors. Senator Rubio outlined his key committee appointments on several committees.  So, clearly they are grooming this Miami Senator for a bright and long political career in Washington.  He stated we need to get rid of Florida's Senior Senator next which was interesting comment to hear from a junior Senator. (Democratic Senator Nelson). Marco also answered a question about all the political hypocrisy in Washington.

Anyway, I have been working with his Constituent Services staff  in Orlando Fl.  And having some success related to veterans health care issues. Which are horrible here in Florida as compared to Kansas.  Apparently, the VA here in Florida is severely understaffed and has created a two-tier system related to veterans which is not supposed to happen.  In Florida, snowbird vets are treated differently and it is difficult for them to be afforded equal access to health care at VA hospitals and clinics.  This is not a situation that I can be apathetic about.

Further, the VA health care system often tells vets they have to get alternative transportation for some procedures. Well, based on federal statutes (under Title 38, Sec. 1705, et seq.), VA regulations and VA guidelines, once the VA orders a vet to obtain alternate transportation, that order becomes part of the treatment of the veteran.  And the burden shifts to the VA to make the arrangements for that alternate transportation.

Moreover, I am advising some VA service organizations related to the burden shift back to the VA whenever a vet needs alternate transportation, the burden shifts to the VA to ensure there is alternate source of transportation.  And if there is not, it is the responsibility of the VA to provide that transportation.  So, if you know any vets being denied health care due to transportation, do not hesitate to contact me, or your United States Senator, or United States Congressman to ensure all vets get the health care they have earned and as promised by A. Lincoln long ago.

Later.  I got your backs vets.  As does Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Unlike Senator Rubio and his staff, I am a disabled vet that uses the VA health care system.  For which in today's uncertain times, I am very  grateful even when I am in Florida having to deal with a two-tiered vet health care system. 

Apparently the cause of this under-staffing at VA hospitals and clinics in Florida is the failure to adequately plan and staff the necessary medical and administrative personnel needed to take care of all veterans. 


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