Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Pharma Wins Again-Who Loses? We, the public, including our children.

The Supreme Court just announced its opinion on Bruesewitz, et al v. Wyeth, Inc.  The specifics of this decision are horrible to the petitioners, and equally as horrible to us parents, we the people who cannot recover damages for harm caused by vaccines from Big Pharma. 

This horrible decision is about as bad as when the Sup. Ct. stated Big Pharma, specifically Pfzier could use eminent domain to take your home away provided it benefits the local government tax rolls.   

We have not forgotten that case, nor should we forget this one either from a pro-corporate friendly Sup. Ct..  Clearly, as applied to this case, the vaccine caused a little girl to be permanently disabled due to taking that vaccine.  In the opinion that just came out, states hey, her parents got attorneys fees. But they fail to note this little girl now 15 is disabled for the rest of her life. 

Now, I have talked with many parents concerned that some vaccines might be causing autism.  Which is probably as good as cause as any.  And yesterday, I talked with my doctor who clearly stated "he would not take any of this stuff made by Big Pharma" because he does not trust the drug industry either. 

Obviously the Sup. Ct. trusts Big Pharma.  Maybe we can get the ladies that sit on the Sup. Ct. to try Gardisil made by Merck first, before we ever shove that vaccine upon our children.  Let the Sup. Ct. justices try every vaccine first, and maybe then, they might change their minds on this horrible decision they made today.

Frankly, as the unrest continues today in Ohio and other states including Wisconsin, our future prosperty is looking like we will be Egypt, Part II sooner than later.  For good reason.  Corruption, get with the program, Mr. Scherer. Get used to corruption.  See http://www.nowpublic.com/world/corruption-its-good-thing


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