Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heck with politics-I am in love and therefore in a world of trouble

Hey forget all that political crap.  I am in love.  I met the coolest lady ever, last Friday.  I will call her Daisy. For good reason-that is her name. 

Now Daisy is simply the most incredible woman I have ever met.  Ever. 

Now how did this happen? 

Anyway, Daisy has it all.  She is intelligent, beautiful inside and out.  She knows stuff.  I care more about Daisy then I do myself. 

Now the big problem is mutuality.  I want to be with Daisy all the time. But I must go slow and not be annoying.  I must be patient and let Daisy do some chasing too. 

Now like a typical man using manthought, I naturally spent a lot of money wooing Daisy. We spent all weekend doing real cool stuff. Music, dancing, seeing some really cool stuff in nature, art, casino time.  Talking and listening to music she liked.  Now, when us men fall in love, we are in a world of trouble.  We act really stupid and say stupid things.  We get romantic.  Honest.

I brought out my Kahail Gibran book.  I am reading the book, a page per day.  I have the Daisy, you are cool flu.  Now Daisy is a Reike Master.  Like me, she is a professional writer.  That basically means we are sensitive and very passionate, yet do not like criticism.  At my age, I can deal with the criticism, but sometimes it still hurts. I just have to do my best to not react to it.  Would someone that knows Daisy give her a call.

We are supposed to spend Easter together.  I do not really want to wait another 3 days until Easter.  What do you wise women out there in the world ir suggest I do? 

I am open for suggestions and do not want to screw this up?

You can write to me, ladies only, at  I will respond to everyone that writes, like usual. 

Help.  I am love with an incredible and mystical woman.  I am in a world of trouble.

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