Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some background on Candidate Scherer

Instead of giving you the same old political spin related to my qualifications as a congressional candidate, I decided to do something different.   Instead of merely listing my quals again like stuff related to my having an undergrad and graduate degree in management and computer management. As well as having attended law school (education).  Not to mention I was invited to attend Harvard to take some more classes in 2006 (antrhropology and advanced science fiction seminar). 

Nor am I going to drone on about my work experience of solving problems over the last 40 years. I did start humbly working as a short order cook at age 15 in 1969; to progress over time to being a highly valued database consultant for some Fortune 50 companies (1998). Or who cares that I am listed in Who's Who in Science and Technology (as well as a congressional candidate and more recently as a writer).

However, I  do think it is warranted that you know that I got tired of merely making money for corporations and myself. But who cares about stuff like education and work experience.  What voters want and expect from a congressman is morals, value and character.

So, in relation to my character, money did not make me happy. Although I had some pretty good successes in some of this work.  Money merely provided economic security, but not relative happiness.  So, instead, I got involved with some of the non-profits in Kansas in advocating for the disabled.  Which made me very poor for a while; but at lot happier helping people instead of entities.

I got lucky in my career becoming a disability and civil rights activist since 1994. I was fortunate to prevail in my first case I took to the United States Supreme Court in 1998. Based on some successes as a disability activist, I found helping people was addictive. My goals and aspirations became, and are even today, to do my best to help the most people I could; or merely help one individual at a time.  Most of you already know that stuff.

What a lot of you don't know is what shaped my character at an early age.  At 5, my father was electrocuted while driving a truck for Pillsbury.  At his death, there were four of us kids and my mom, a homemaker was pregnant with a fifth child.  And to boot, my older brother was mentally retarded (from a mosquito bite causing enchephalitis; nor was he able to walk.  So, our family knew what it meant to be poor.  But we were happy anyway despite our family tragedies and our relative economic misfortune.

When my dad died, our family received one of the largest projected Social Security payouts over time in the state of Kansas.  Pillsbury, my father's employer did not pay much of anything; despite their truck not being properly grounded.  So, my mom was naive legally, looking back.  At fourteen, my mother was now a school lunch lady at the Catholic grade school I attended.  She and my stepfather married and had another child.  This brother was premature and also mildly mentallly retarded. 

Now my mom had joined the Atchison Mental Retardation Association.  Her and several other mothers in Atchison Kansas fought for the rights of the mentally retarded. They  raised funds funds by conducting bake sales.  And I got to go to some of these events.  When my older brother was 16, he was too heavy for my mother.  And someone convinced her to be put in the care of the Kansas Neurological Institute (KNI) in Topeka.  I took several trips with my mom to see my brother.  This turned out to be a big mistake putting my brother in state custody because 2 years later, he died at this pig sty. 

Regardless, these women in the Atchison Mental Retardation Association started the first school in Atchison County for the mentally retarded; as well as hired a teacher to help these individuals since there was no school for the mentally retarded at all in Kansas.  So, from those early beginnings including trips to KNI, the bake sales and a student trip in high school to the mental institution in St. Joe, MO, a real hellhole, it might help others understand I am pretty familar at an early age what the disabled have had to endure. 

Afte graduatting from both a Catholic grade school and  high school,  I got my first very own apartment whle I was attending a a Catholic college. (Benedictine). Naturally, with all the priests, nuns and monks beating us, they made certain I developed a keen sense of moral Christian type of character. Further, being relatively poor, I developed a strong sense of work ethic and good money management skills (making me a fiscal conservative).   However, in college, I was not doing very well academically or financially.  I felt horrible at my first perceived failure. 

So I joined the US Navy for four years in January, 1972-my first job for the federal government. I served four years, most of that time aboard a nuclear fast attack submarine during the Viet Nam War as an electronic technician stationed out of Groton, CT.   (U.S.S. Archerfish).  I was honorably discharged and service decorated and left the Navy in December 1975. 

And now here it is being October 2009 and from that childhood, I became a stateman wanting to change America for the better.  Hence, why I am running to be your congressman.  Life takes us to unusual places.  As a child, I just wanted to be a left-handed pro baseball player-a pitcher with a wicked curve ball.  Instead, I became a stateman.  Which makes me a very fortunate person privlidged to run to be your United States Congressman.

Generally, I stay focused and concerned on what is happening today and having some solutions, leadership and the character to shape what can be done better tomorrow.  So, I feel a tad bit guilty writing about my long ago past explaining what shaped my character, values and morals.

So, maybe in my next writing, I will explain how from these humble beginnings, this relates to why I can understand better, what you want, expect and deserve from your next congressman. Especially since I am not an elitist silverspoon like the current and worthless incumbent who is directly responsible for the last ten years of leading our country into the shape it has taken.

It is time for the incumbent yahoo congressman to go.  Matter of fact, it it time for a whole bunch of these yahoos in Washington to go.  Let us start here in the 3rd District in Kansas in 2010.  Dump Moore.  He dumped on us many times over benefiting his special interest buddies. 

Merely because he sends you a postage free mailer every year (franking privlidges) sent by your staffers  hardly makes him a good congressman. The only good thing about Moore is some of his staff are helpful. Considering you are paying Howard, your Chief of Staff over 100 thousand, he better be good at something.

But even paying him that kind of money, how come you can't get any legislation passed. In regard to Moore himself, he is worthless in doing much of anything, other than continously campaigning and never telling you his position on any issue.  When it comes to being ambiguous, Moore is an expert. Moore is so good at being ambiguous and talking out both sides of his mouth, ask him to give a clear answer.  Good luck.  Remember, he is a professional politican.  But he is no stateman. 

This current election cycle, the number of bills Moore has sponsored is four-number approved by Congress-zero.  Bad job Dennis.  Your batting percentage is .000.  Not one hit.  What are you doing as a Congressman?  Other than continuouslly running for election?  The voters should be asking what I already know.  You aren't doing much of anything.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whom is mandated health insurance a solution for?

The current situation with heatlh care reform (translated to mandated heatlh insurance and cuts in Medicare for seniors), whom benefits? 

Clearly, this is a thinly veiled scheme to redistribute your money to the health insurance, drug industry, medical providers, medical equipment manufacturerers and the state governments. Some of whom whine while having secret meetings with current POTUS (drug and health insurance industries in Feb. 2009).  What a travesty.

There is no discussion  from the Obama administration or the incumbent related to any reductions in health care costs. Nor will the drug lobby or the bribed yahoo politicians in Congress allow us to get reduced prescriptions at lower rates outside the US. Just health insurance being forced down the throats of Americans.  Not to mention if you consider this infringement on your rights as an individual, you are going to pay a penalty to the federal government until you do succumb to a federal mandate and get health insurance. 

Is there any difference in either party?  Or am I the only statesman left in America who believes being a congressman's purpose is not a redistribution of federal receipts; or causing one special interest group to benefit? 

It appears so.  When did the function of a congressman become a redistribution of wealth instead making America a better place?  We are losing our country to a redistribution scheme-taking your money and giving it to special interests and ever-expanding governments from the federal to the local level. 

Thank Dennis Moore. He sold us down the river to special interests like the drug, health insurance, real estate developers a long time ago.  Apparently, they could afford to buy a congressman named Dennis Moore,  If you want to establish this as fact, just review the incumbent's financial records of PAC contributions at

 I did.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Elitist Dennis Moore is an expert on white trash

I have to condemn a recorded comment made by elitist Dennis Moore pertaining to a fellow disabled veteran and congressional candidate, Daniel Gilyeat. Moore must be incredibly concerned to be making horrible comments this early in the election cycle.  And to threaten a democratic Hispanic from WYCO with your alleged 7 million is offensive to the entire Hispanic community.  I am assuming your comment was to Mr. Soto.  I have had some of Moore's staff people even tell me Moore considers himself to be an elitist.  Ask them.  Better, ask Moore himself.

Uusally, the mean-spirited Moore waits closer to the election before he starts spewing his venom.  (We remember Kris Kobach).  And Dennis, since your congressional quarterly is due on October 15, I certainly hope you report that seven million you have to defeat the "white trash". 

You better be concerned Mr. Moore.  You made enough political blunders this election cycle (like support for Cap and Trade; as well as supporting mandated health insurance) to make all of us a tad bid concerned about your intellectual instability.

I do not have to address the incumbent's weaknesses.  He seems to be doing a better job destroying his campaign hopes for 2010.  So I can remain focused on what a congressman is really supposed to be doing.

I merely wonder who Moore got the 7 million from?  Maybe the 7  million was in corruption from the  financial services, real estate and drug and health insurance industries.  Just like in your other campaign finance reports.  Same old Dennis- the real "white trash-do anything to get elected" Moore. 

To Mr. Gilyeat, a fellow veteran:  Welcome to the campaign from a fellow vet. Call me. 

We can beat this yahoo in 2010.  He is the real "white trash."  You and I together as fellow veterans and congressional candidates can be the "brothers in arms trash disposal service" that ensures Moore is disposed of properly.

It certainly is time we get a real congressman and get rid of a worthless rhetorical political coward in 2010 that continues to demonstate he is lacking any substance--great at rhetoric and perpetual campaigning-but worthless as a United States Congressman of any congressional district.

Happy Columbus Day-Yet again another federal holiday

Hope you enjoyed Columbus Day today.  Another federal holiday that long ago got lost in the translation. 

I suggest we might want to consider consolidation of some of these federal holidays to restore some kind fiscal sanity to our bloated federal budget and deficit. Good luck getting the current batch of yahoos in Washington to cut one of their federal holidays.

On another subject, today was an interesting day. I had some communication with a key figure with a local political caucus.  He informed me that the folks at KC Fair Tax were having a congressional forum at Ward Parkway Shopping Center on Thursday.  Which made me curious since I had not received any such invitation to attend as a filed congressional candidate.

That led to my contacting their national HQ in Houston, TX; and trying to communicate with their local forum organizer here in Kansas City.  The Kansas City official for Fair Tax stated the forum was only to federal candidates the Fair Tax people pre-screened, trained or liked.  I would be wary of any organization  sponsoring a "stacked forum" of only candidates that non-profit organization chooses.

The organizer of the local event's comments were interesting since selective forums would violate their organization's status as a non-profit entity. Both the Internal Revenue Service and the FEC prohibits non-profit entities like the Fair Tax organization from engaging in selective forums of only their favored federal candidates. 

In fact, to do so is a violation of Title 2 of the United States Code. So, I would have a hard time listening to an organization that advocates changing the federal tax code; but not understanding their own requirements related to not having stacked political forums threatening their status as a non-profit organization. 

This organization must also register as a political action committee--a PAC if they are going to help federal candidates.  Further, they must also report any expenditures to the FEC.  As well as any training received by a federal candidate, must be reported by the candidate committee as a political contribution.

I did inform this caucus official an important fact a lot of people do not know--that each congressman in Kansas get a million dollars a year in federal funds for Constitutent Services.  So, any incumbent with a million a year has a huge political tactical advantage against a challenger.  Any of us with a million dollars per year in federal funds could establish and maintain an effective and efficienct Constituent Services office. 

The hard part of getting elected to Congress is getting enough votes to get the job. And naturally, you the taxpayer are paying this million dollars or more for every congressman and Senator- a total that can be arrived at for 435 congressman and the 100 Senators. So, these yahoos should at least send you a Christmas card every year since they get free (postage) franking privlidges to boot. No wonder an incumbent is so hard to beat.

In regard to federal taxes (and taxes in general regardless of government entity), I have this huge dislike for taxes.  So like the Fair Tax people, I support a major modification to federal tax policy.  As well as to state and local taxes also.  I get it.

I know a lot of the people with the Tea Party(s), the KC Fair Tax People, Americans for Prosperity and other organizations and individuals want change to mean something more than merely more socialism and huge infringment on Kansas's sovereignity. 

Taxes are annoying to me, just like you.  Unlike the other candidates, I am doing something real regarding tax policies in Kansas.  You don't have to wait for me to be elected to Congress to do something that has the potential to reduce your tax burden. 

Speaking of the FEC, I crossed the $50,000 threshold and now have the wonderful opportunity to file electronic reports instead of the paper reports I had been mailing timely.  So, that is a relief.  As well as it a relief to report I now can report the campaign funds total $80,000 in cash. 

The burn rate of campaign cash to date is is zero. Unlike some of the other candidates, I do not have to grovel and ask for contributions.  This is because I already have most of my campaign materials, such as yard signs, palm cards, campaign literature, etceteras.  Plus, I can stay focused on communication and further refining solutions to federal problems that so many want, expect and deserve. 

I can imagine new congressional candidates will have to spend a lot of time getting all of these campaign materials.  So personally, as the most experienced candidate, I am relieved I do not have to get bogged down with that portion of the political campaign process.

So in ending, have a Happy Columbus Day.  I merely wonder what Steve "9-day Congressional loser" Rose whined about today.  I can't wait to see his next editorial.  LOL. 

Next posting: Political biography-who is Thomas E. Scherer, candidate for United States Congress . This may include why Steve Rose, congressional candidate quitter after nine days (Johnson County Sun editor) and Steve Kraske (Kansas City Star Political writer) don't want you to know.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's almost time for the political rhetoric to begin

It's almost time-time for the political rhetoric to get deep enough for most people with common sense to look around and find their hip wading boots.  This congressional cycle will be the same. 

Candidates will talk the same politican rhetoric-low taxes, jobs, heath care, quality education, freedom and liberty.  Whereas I believe voters and non-voters are more concerned about how a candidate is honest when it comes to political issues, understands what the broad consensus is on a political issue, and has both solutions and a vision to solve our current political problems.

Since I am a stateman instead of a politician, I will not be laying out a deep pile of rhetoric.  Instead, I am out here working to earn your vote.  It seems the typical batch of politicians, many who have held elected positions, do not want discuss what they failed to do while in an elected office. 

Most want to give illusions of some broad and ambiguous statement like "I want to restore liberty, hope and change to Americans."  What exactly does that mean when we read or hear this political rhetoric?   In the presidential election, it was hope and change.  Now we know what the change was-fiscally irresponsible socialism and mandates.

I will be putting substantial effort over the next few months on trying to put money into your pocket, if you are a current or future homeowner.  I am going to be spending significant time challenging the Kansas property tax comparables nonsense on Constitutional grounds as a fiscally conservative candidate with an extreme dislike for many federal, state, county and local taxes.   This includes real estate tax assessment methods.  And that is just one of the things I will be doing during the election cycle.  Repeating what I have done in the past and will do in the future. 

Is it time to choose and support a stateman instead of merely once again--a politican that merely promises what they will do if elected; then does not.  Kind of like a Dennis Moore-like kind of politican who likes bigger governments.  I kindly suggest our country will be a lot better when we start voting for those who have done things prior to the election.  Instead of who the media wants elected or has the most polticial contributions.

Why take a risk on a candidate who makes promises of what they will do if you vote for them after they are elected.  Only for you to regret having voted for them afterwards. 

 It is imperative that we restore America to being fiscally responsible and conservative. Our first step is to get rid of rhetorical and fiscally irresponsible politicans intent of making the federal government bigger and telling you what you have to do via federal mandates.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letter to Steve "it's about the money" Rose

Hey Steve, sorry to hear about your issue with Crohn's. Your article dated Sept. 30 understates what it takes to run for Congress. Your analysis is far too short in stating there are only basically three factors:

1. 75% of the time is raising funds

2. It's a full job, and then some.

3. [A candidate] needs to raise $700,000 to win the GOP primary.

Running for Congress is not about money Mr. Rose. Most of my time is spent communicating with many people trying to determine what the consensus of the voters and non-voters want from their elected representative in Washington.

Restating, it has never been about the money. It is about studying the issues and having solutions to problems those in the 3rd Congressional District want and expect from their elected official. As well as communicating that message to the electors sufficient to warrant their vote in both the primary and general election.

In closing, running for Congress is serious business. Maybe during your nine-day campaign, you began to understand and realize that as the 3rd District rep, your vote may make a huge difference in people's lives. I get it Steve. And maybe finally, you are starting to.

Tom Scherer, the better candidate for your U.S. Congress,