Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day-Yet again another federal holiday

Hope you enjoyed Columbus Day today.  Another federal holiday that long ago got lost in the translation. 

I suggest we might want to consider consolidation of some of these federal holidays to restore some kind fiscal sanity to our bloated federal budget and deficit. Good luck getting the current batch of yahoos in Washington to cut one of their federal holidays.

On another subject, today was an interesting day. I had some communication with a key figure with a local political caucus.  He informed me that the folks at KC Fair Tax were having a congressional forum at Ward Parkway Shopping Center on Thursday.  Which made me curious since I had not received any such invitation to attend as a filed congressional candidate.

That led to my contacting their national HQ in Houston, TX; and trying to communicate with their local forum organizer here in Kansas City.  The Kansas City official for Fair Tax stated the forum was only to federal candidates the Fair Tax people pre-screened, trained or liked.  I would be wary of any organization  sponsoring a "stacked forum" of only candidates that non-profit organization chooses.

The organizer of the local event's comments were interesting since selective forums would violate their organization's status as a non-profit entity. Both the Internal Revenue Service and the FEC prohibits non-profit entities like the Fair Tax organization from engaging in selective forums of only their favored federal candidates. 

In fact, to do so is a violation of Title 2 of the United States Code. So, I would have a hard time listening to an organization that advocates changing the federal tax code; but not understanding their own requirements related to not having stacked political forums threatening their status as a non-profit organization. 

This organization must also register as a political action committee--a PAC if they are going to help federal candidates.  Further, they must also report any expenditures to the FEC.  As well as any training received by a federal candidate, must be reported by the candidate committee as a political contribution.

I did inform this caucus official an important fact a lot of people do not know--that each congressman in Kansas get a million dollars a year in federal funds for Constitutent Services.  So, any incumbent with a million a year has a huge political tactical advantage against a challenger.  Any of us with a million dollars per year in federal funds could establish and maintain an effective and efficienct Constituent Services office. 

The hard part of getting elected to Congress is getting enough votes to get the job. And naturally, you the taxpayer are paying this million dollars or more for every congressman and Senator- a total that can be arrived at for 435 congressman and the 100 Senators. So, these yahoos should at least send you a Christmas card every year since they get free (postage) franking privlidges to boot. No wonder an incumbent is so hard to beat.

In regard to federal taxes (and taxes in general regardless of government entity), I have this huge dislike for taxes.  So like the Fair Tax people, I support a major modification to federal tax policy.  As well as to state and local taxes also.  I get it.

I know a lot of the people with the Tea Party(s), the KC Fair Tax People, Americans for Prosperity and other organizations and individuals want change to mean something more than merely more socialism and huge infringment on Kansas's sovereignity. 

Taxes are annoying to me, just like you.  Unlike the other candidates, I am doing something real regarding tax policies in Kansas.  You don't have to wait for me to be elected to Congress to do something that has the potential to reduce your tax burden. 

Speaking of the FEC, I crossed the $50,000 threshold and now have the wonderful opportunity to file electronic reports instead of the paper reports I had been mailing timely.  So, that is a relief.  As well as it a relief to report I now can report the campaign funds total $80,000 in cash. 

The burn rate of campaign cash to date is is zero. Unlike some of the other candidates, I do not have to grovel and ask for contributions.  This is because I already have most of my campaign materials, such as yard signs, palm cards, campaign literature, etceteras.  Plus, I can stay focused on communication and further refining solutions to federal problems that so many want, expect and deserve. 

I can imagine new congressional candidates will have to spend a lot of time getting all of these campaign materials.  So personally, as the most experienced candidate, I am relieved I do not have to get bogged down with that portion of the political campaign process.

So in ending, have a Happy Columbus Day.  I merely wonder what Steve "9-day Congressional loser" Rose whined about today.  I can't wait to see his next editorial.  LOL. 

Next posting: Political biography-who is Thomas E. Scherer, candidate for United States Congress . This may include why Steve Rose, congressional candidate quitter after nine days (Johnson County Sun editor) and Steve Kraske (Kansas City Star Political writer) don't want you to know.

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