Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whom is mandated health insurance a solution for?

The current situation with heatlh care reform (translated to mandated heatlh insurance and cuts in Medicare for seniors), whom benefits? 

Clearly, this is a thinly veiled scheme to redistribute your money to the health insurance, drug industry, medical providers, medical equipment manufacturerers and the state governments. Some of whom whine while having secret meetings with current POTUS (drug and health insurance industries in Feb. 2009).  What a travesty.

There is no discussion  from the Obama administration or the incumbent related to any reductions in health care costs. Nor will the drug lobby or the bribed yahoo politicians in Congress allow us to get reduced prescriptions at lower rates outside the US. Just health insurance being forced down the throats of Americans.  Not to mention if you consider this infringement on your rights as an individual, you are going to pay a penalty to the federal government until you do succumb to a federal mandate and get health insurance. 

Is there any difference in either party?  Or am I the only statesman left in America who believes being a congressman's purpose is not a redistribution of federal receipts; or causing one special interest group to benefit? 

It appears so.  When did the function of a congressman become a redistribution of wealth instead making America a better place?  We are losing our country to a redistribution scheme-taking your money and giving it to special interests and ever-expanding governments from the federal to the local level. 

Thank Dennis Moore. He sold us down the river to special interests like the drug, health insurance, real estate developers a long time ago.  Apparently, they could afford to buy a congressman named Dennis Moore,  If you want to establish this as fact, just review the incumbent's financial records of PAC contributions at

 I did.

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